She Rises Studios Announces New Children’s Book Series: The Adventures of Grandma Deer and Her Grand Deers.

She Rises Studios Announces New Children’s Book Series: The Adventures of Grandma Deer and Her Grand Deers.

Las Vegas, Nevada(Hexa PR Wire–June 4, 2024)She Rises Studios is thrilled to announce the release of the new children’s book, Penny Learns About Pennies, the first installment in the five-book series, The Money Adventures of Grandma Deer and Her Grand Deers. Authored by Dr. Charlene Day and Patricia Davis, this delightful series invites young readers and their families to embark on a journey of financial literacy through the charming tales of Grandma Deer and her Grand Deers, including Penny, ‘Lil Buck, Doe, and many of their friends and family.

Penny Learns About Pennies by Charlene Day and Patricia Davis Launches is the First Book in the Four-Part Series

In Penny Learns About Pennies, readers meet Penny, a young Grand Deer, who discovers a coin on the ground. Through the wise and nurturing guidance of Grandma Deer, Penny learns the basics of currency, the importance of saving, and the value of financial wisdom. The story uses vibrant and animated animal characters to transform complex financial concepts into approachable and enjoyable lessons for children.

Charlene and Patricia masterfully weave financial education into the narrative, making it an effortless and entertaining experience for young readers. The series emphasizes the significance of starting conversations about money early and continuing them frequently, a practice embodied by the character of Grandma Deer.

“We are excited to launch The Money Adventures of Grandma Deer and Her Grand Deers series. Our goal is to make financial literacy accessible and fun for children,” said Charlene Day. “By using engaging stories and relatable characters, we hope to instill valuable financial principles that will benefit them throughout their lives.”

The adventure continues with Book 2, ‘Lil Buck Learns About Bucks, coming soon. Each book in the series builds upon the previous lessons, offering sage advice from Grandma Deer on saving, spending, and wealth creation.

Join us in celebrating the launch of Penny Learns About Pennies and take the first step in a journey of financial discovery with your child. This book is available now at all major book retailers and can be found on Amazon at

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