AllSocial: A Place Where Community Thrives

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AllSocial: A Place Where Community Thrives

AllSocial, a new social media network, strives toward a unique and unprecedented goal. This new social network plans to bring people together by creating an online community that puts the user first. The network, only in its first phase of performance, already boasts 1.6 million users.

AllSocial wants to consistently remind their users that they are in control and with their content shape the community that begins to puzzle in around them. You are the leaders of the platform and you make the decisions.

AllSocial wants to do four things to keep the user and the community at the forefront:

  •   Allows you to post from other major platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
  •   Will send  100% of your messages to your friends and followers (current social media sends less than 10%)
  •   They will never sell your data or personal information
  •   Gives you a simple, easy-to-use platform where you can connect with those who are important to you

AllSocial Poised to Become the Main Pivot of the Social Media World

AllSocial creates an even broader-reaching community baseline by allowing all users to embed posts from other social media platforms. Instead of visiting multiple social media websites, AllSocial becomes the platform where all of your content can land.  It’s a way to streamline your social experience so you can share the content and the information that you need to share and have a little time left over to focus on making human connections.

AllSocial’s Interface Promotes Community and Interaction

Users of AllSocial have praised the app for its modern interface. It’s simple to use, and it looks very clean. It also features easy sharing options that some of the other major platforms lack—encouraging interaction and community.

The User the Only Priority on AllSocial

AllSocial also puts the user first with their promises of data security and 100% reach. The network pledges that all of your data will never be sold. This is particularly important to many users in an age when most other social media websites sell data to third parties. If you value privacy, then AllSocial is the only online community to consider.

100% Reach is a Guarantee

Likewise, AllSocial sends all of your posts to 100% of your followers and you receive 100% of the posts from people you follow. This is a divergence from other social media networks, who have abandoned a chronological feed in favor of a complicated algorithm. On AllSocial, you know that all of your followers will see your post if they’re scrolling the feed rather than the 10% or less reach that accounts receive on other networks.

If you’re trying to build a following, AllSocial is a good place to start. In the early days of growing your follower base, it’s vital that all of the content into which you invest your time and creativity reach your entire audience. AllSocial wants YOU to be seen and appreciated for your achievements, seen and appreciated by EVERYONE!.

There is one that will most definitely be seen and appreciated by everyone and that is the recent announcement that AllSocial creators and developers have been hard at work over the recent months behind closed doors.  

But, why? 

The creative and technologically-advanced AllSocial development team took several rounds of feedback through 2019 from the first users of the app. They really listened to what the user was loving, hating, and missing from the current version of AllSocial. With several informative rounds of user feedback, the entire team went back into development to give AllSocial upgrades and enhanced features to truly put it out in front of the social media playing field and guarantee that it is at the cutting-edge with all things user experience and user interface. AllSocial v2.0 will stand apart from all other social media giants boasting upgrades and new tech around the AllSocial chat experience, detailed and exciting enhancements to the Video Playback technology on the platform, along with key search enhancements for the user.

AllSocial v2.0 is planned for release later this year, so keep your eyes peeled! 

AllSocial for All People

AllSocial is also unique in its promise to be a social media network for all people. The company is pro-actively working to enforce community standards. When there is a violation of terms, AllSocial takes the matter seriously and promptly takes action to protect its users. Posts that fall into the categories of pornography, illegal material; harmful or highly offensive content are either removed directly or, first, sent to a moderator to make a knowledgable, informed decision about the specific content. AllSocial promises to be a space where hate is not tolerated.

AllSocial facilitates community by putting the social back into the social network. If you’re tired of missing posts that you genuinely wanted to see, then it’s time to try AllSocial. AllSocial will never throttle your posts, so come here to create, share your interests, and find a community.

AllSocial is a social media platform that puts the user first and creates an experience that allows you to discover exciting stories, connect with friends and share content that matters to you. With a mission of connecting your world, AllSocial creates an open, safe and secure community that fulfills the Internet’s original promise of connecting people.  Users are able to post content from all major social media platforms with the promise that 100% of a user’s posts will be shared with all followers. AllSocial is available via desktop or app from the Apple or Google Play store, for more information please visit