Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment

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Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment

The only other significant expense in a household other than food and rent is the power bills. Until one becomes a tenant or a homeowner, they can’t understand how quickly the electric rates are skyrocket. Luckily reliable utility providers such as TXU Energy are coming up with solutions tailored for different consumers. Even though such solutions result in less electrical costs, solar panels have gradually stepped-up to being a viable alternative.

 What Is Solar Energy? What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels? 

Essentially solar energy is electricity extracted from the sun. Without the sun, most living things would wither away, but the genius of solar panels, photovoltaic cells is to convert that heat and light into electricity. One advantage of this technology is that you can get some power even on cloudy days.

 Benefits Associated to Solar Panels   

The following are pros that a consumer is bound to enjoy upon installing a unit:

  • A house with solar panels fetches more money.
  • Over time the electric bills become less and less.
  • Going the solar way is excellent for the environment.
  • Attractive solar energy-related tax refunds and discounts.
  • A safe investment that pays off eventually.

 Main Disadvantages Associated to Solar Panels   

Below are the cons one should expect from owning a solar panel system:

  • Initially, it was a vast expense to install a proper solar panel system.
  • It may take years for the return of investment to show a profit.
  • For the optimal output, they require a precise design of the roof.
  • Weather Dependent: solar panels are dependent on sunlight, so bad weather or cloudy days can affect the efficiency of the system.
  • Power providers are providing some competitive alternatives to solar panels.

It is effortless for a homeowner to doubt whether they’re making the best investment by going the solar panel route. Typically adapting to change needs time because the receiving party wants to see a successful application before committing. The successful applicant should be achieved in a similar environment as the potential client. For instance, research suggests that once one home installs the panels, it’s only a matter of time before all surrounding roofs feature the solar panels.

 Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment? 

The short answer to this inquiry is that it depends. The vital factor to remember is that solar panels are not for everyone, even though the government pushes residents to embrace technology more.

 Here are the reasons why it’s necessary to get solar panels installed on your property: 

  • The regular electric expenses are going through the roof.
  • Your house relies on the availability of stable electricity.
  • You happen to be a strong advocate for the betterment of the environment.
  •   It’s a worthy business expense.

To understand the logic behind solar panels’ investment, you need to know the actual expenses involved in the endeavor.

 What Are the Numbers Behind a Solar Panel Installation?   

Solar panels are sold based on watts, and typically one of them may set you back between a dollar and $3. But a serious buyer may consider the price based on either 10 kilowatts or six KW instead of per watt.

A minimum for six kilowatts based on cost per state is about $13,000 and twenty-two thousand per 10 KW. However, the tax credit has not yet been applied to these numbers. On average, the installation of a single panel will cost about $50 less than $300. That includes everything from the roof to a bright light bulb.

Statistics are not consistent, but going the solar panel route may lower your electric power bills 50 percent over the years and by 100% eventually.

 In Conclusion   

Although the initial capital needs deep pockets, the solar panel business is a long-term game.