Are You Hiring Too Fast

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Are You Hiring Too Fast

Nearly 3 in 4 employers have admitted to hiring the wrong person for a position in their company! After the pandemic there are more open positions that need to be filled and employers tend to hire people too quickly in order to fill those positions. An example of this happened recently when fired 900 employees due to overhiring and hiring the wrong people. So how can this be avoided?

Slowing down the hiring process can help avoid hiring the wrong employees. Many employers hire people due to immediate needs that need to be met, but fail to think about the long term goals for their company and whether or not a candidate can help reach those goals. Consider crafting more specific job descriptions in order to reach the best candidates for your position and base this description on your business’ goals. 

Hiring too fast can hurt your company as a whole, but hiring the wrong person can also damage your other employees. If an employee is not a good fit to an already existing team, it can drastically reduce employee morale. Don’t hurt an entire team for one person, make sure that whoever you are hiring will work well with your already existing team dynamics!

It can be difficult to take extra time to hire employees, especially when there are so many open positions that need to be filled, but hiring too fast can be even more damaging to your business. Reflect on what you need a new employee to bring to your company, and make sure you find someone who can meet your needs and more. Learn more about slowing down the hiring process in the infographic below: