Automated Technology – Enhancing Workplace Safety

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Automated Technology – Enhancing Workplace Safety

The warehouse and logistics industry have changed a lot over the last decade. New innovations and modern tech have transformed the landscape, making workplace environments safer and more streamlined. As new technology emerges, it continues to replace manual labour. With this change comes safety and security. Here is how business owners, managers, and supervisors are using automated technology.

Automated Assistance

At, you will find all sorts of innovative products and solutions for warehouse intralogistics. These systems can be used in a range of industries and they continue to make product distribution and packing more convenient. You will find that most warehouses around the world have been fully automated or semi-automated depending on the environment. But there is potential to do more as technology continues to evolve.

Having an automated warehouse makes your workplace safer. Robots can perform tasks that are dangerous to humans, allowing employees to concentrate on other duties that involve less risk. Relying on robots to carry out tasks makes the workplace a safer, more productive environment. In addition to making things safer, robots also decrease the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries that you see in some employees who continue to do recurring movements.

Doing the same repetitive tasks for long periods can cause problems for employees. Automated systems allow robots to do the tedious work, so humans don’t have to.

Warehouse Drones

Drones are now being used for all kinds of tasks in the workplace. Instead of using manual labour, drone technology can capture barcodes and get to places which are hard to reach for employees. This type of innovative technology has streamlined workplace tasks and made businesses more efficient.

Drones were once used as a toy for adults, but businesses soon seen the potential and introduced them to the workplace. For example, if you are in a warehouse and need to check a pallet which is stored several metres above ground, you can use the drone to look. This is a lot safer than using a ladder as there is a chance an employee could lose their balance and fall.

Forklifts, Robotics & Picking Safety

A forklift was once a common sight in most warehouses, but things have started to change, and robotics have begun to take over. Although employees were trained on how to use forklifts, the dangers were still present.

As humans, we are prone to make mistakes, even when well-trained. Although automation continues to make picking and other tasks safer, employees should still be trained in ways to work in unison with their robotic counterparts. Working with robots is a new concept that should be explored to ensure a safe working environment. Automation continues to reduce accidents and improve worker safety.

There is no doubt that automated technology is making the workplace safer and more productive. It reduces the need for manual labour, and it puts employees out of harm’s way. If a danger task needs to be completed, a robot can handle the job without worrying about injury. Automated systems are improving picking, handling, storage, and many other components of the workplace.