Cloud Inventory Improves Inventory Management Throughout the Supply Chain

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Cloud Inventory Improves Inventory Management Throughout the Supply Chain

Until recently, inventory has been manually tracked throughout the supply chain. However, this outdated method of inventory tracking using spreadsheets and clunky ERP systems has a variety of detrimental challenges. These include bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, shipping delays, overstocked inventory and other costly issues. Cloud Inventory is an improved, cloud-based inventory tracking solution that addresses these challenges and improves inventory management across the supply chain.

Understanding Cloud Inventory

Are you wondering what makes Cloud Inventory a better solution than antiquated tracking on paper? Through cloud technology, this inventory tracking solution offers mobile functionality. This means that inventory can be tracked in real-time and in any location where inventory is stored. This cloud-based technology also uses low-code software. This enables the software to be personalized quickly and at less cost.

What do these key features of Cloud Inventory mean for your business? The ability to accurately maintain an inventory count in all environments and in real-time can bolster productivity across the supply chain. Accessing accurate information is also essential for compliance needs. In addition, bottlenecks, oversupplies and other issues can be costly. Cloud Inventory enables you to streamline operations and eliminate these challenges. Cloud Inventory is available with three distinctive products for optimized functionality.

Field Inventory

The first of the three products is Field Inventory. Traditionally, tracking inventory in the field has been challenging because of connectivity issues. This inventory includes everything from inventory lockers to trunk stock and more. Cloud Inventory has offline functionality, and it stores data in the cloud. This eliminates many of the challenges that businesses face when attempting to track inventory in this area of the supply chain. Tracking is for everything from project materials to construction equipment, tools and a variety of other devices and machines. This technology enables field techs to complete their important activities quickly and correctly.

Manufacturing Materials

The Manufacturing Materials solution is designed to improve the visibility of materials across all stages of the supply chain. This includes from the time they are raw materials until they are finished goods. Through this solution, businesses are able to ensure that materials and supplies are where they need to be at any given time to promote peak functionality. In fact, this solution can reduce downtime, automate inventory tracking processes and streamline work processes. In the event that the supply chain strategy must be revised, the low-code software solution provides the agility to do so at the moment and with minimal cost. Notably, this solution also has Kanban applications so that inventory can be regulated for peak optimization and output.

Warehouse Inventory

This Cloud Inventory solution empowers warehouse workers to improve how they manage and track inventory. Specifically, this is supported by scanners and mobile applications that can be utilized throughout the warehouse environment. Warehouse Inventory is refined so that inventory counts, item numbers and lot numbers can be tracked down to a specific location within the facility. Configurations are supported by low-code software so that the solution is as functional and practical as the business needs it to be.

Effective inventory management is a hallmark of an optimized, agile business with streamlined operations. While there are many inventory tracking methods available to today’s businesses, Cloud Inventory is an evolved, modern solution that is designed to function how, when and where you need it. Before you look at another inventory tracking solution for your business, you owe it to your company to learn more about the key functionalities and benefits that Cloud Inventory brings to the table.