Fall Shipments of iPhone are Down in China.

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Fall Shipments of iPhone are Down in China.

Consumers in China are beginning to lose interest in iPhones as the year draws to an end, according to analysts at the Swiss banking and finance giant Credit Suisse.

Shipments of iPhones in China have dropped by over 35 percent in November, compared to last year at the same time, is what the Credit Suisse analysts said in a report yesterday, in spite of a very slight increase within the smartphone market in China concurrently. The report from Credit Suisse says that sales of iPhones in China declined a little over ten percent during the past 2, starting in October. This kind of percentage drop is having a chilling effect on product placement, not only in China but throughout all of Southeast Asia.

Since the Chinese launch of the current iPhone 11 family, shipments in the country are down a total of 7.4 percent compared to a year ago, is what the Credit Suisse experts are saying; they’re analysis states that during the fall of this year the revenue from iPhone sales fell by over 17 percent as compared to last year’s sales. 

Another worrying trend that Credit Suisse mentioned in their recent report is that the continuing tariff wars with the United States is causing moderate to large operating losses to the communications industry in China.