Home Automation and Your Energy Bill

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Home Automation and Your Energy Bill

Until recently, home automation could only be found in expensive homes or modern commercial buildings. As technology progresses, home automation is also becoming more accessible.

 What is Home Automation? 

Unsurprisingly, automation is one of the main characteristics of home automation as it refers to the ability to program and schedule activities within your network of included devices. The second characteristic is remote control as you can access, monitor and instruct these devices while being physically anywhere. Although the day when we will be able to use our smartphones to track down a lost sock is still not here, there is plenty you can do within a smart home.

The first and most obvious beneficiaries of this approach are “smart” devices and appliances that can be connected and integrated into home automation networks. The same goes for electrical systems, light switches and electrical outlets.

 The Benefits of Home Automation 

Once you understand the possibilities offered by home automation, you can come up with many useful and creative solutions that will improve the everyday lives of all household members.

  • Monitoring gives you peace of mind.

This system can provide you with a wealth of information about your home. If you are away, you will still know what is happening inside your household so no need to worry if you left the lights on. The system can also alert you about any unordinary activity.

Moreover, you will dispose of with a detailed history of your lifestyle that you can put to good use as you will be able to make changes more quickly.

  • Saving Energy

Smart devices such as smart thermostats and light bulbs save you a great deal of energy over the long-run, also saving your money. Moreover, smart home systems track your usage and can alert you to prevent expensive bills.

  • Saving Money

Also, energy-efficient devices that will help you get rid of Phantom Load from electronics still working in sleep or standby mode, by identifying trends in your usage, you can find ways to trim your bills further. For example, by knowing your electricity usage habits, you can browse through a list of providers and find an even better deal as large providers such as Direct Energy offer several packages.

  • Convenience

This system can help you in making your home more enjoyable and comfortable as you can adapt light, sound, temperature, all of which add up to a pleasant environment. Moreover, you can start dinner before you get home by preheating the oven while setting the AC to create the desired temperature in your household by the time you get home!

Best Smart Devices  

There are so many gadgets that can not only reduce your electricity bill but also improve your quality of life.

  • LED Bulbs

Furthermore, offering a much more pleasant lighting for our eyes, these bulbs use the only ¼ of the energy of their traditional counterparts, while lasting 50 percent longer. They do not come cheap, but they pay off themselves over the long-haul.

  • Smart Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can bring you an instant 15 percent reduction on your energy bill. It will automatically turn itself off when nobody’s home and will program itself to maintain your desired temperature gradually.

  • Motion Sensors

These sensors can be programmed to turn light on and off, depending on people entering or leaving the room. This might appear insignificant, yet just this simple step will pay the sensor off in two years by the savings you will make. They can be of exceptional value to seniors as they could also identify a fall and potentially save a life as this is the most common cause of hospitalization among seniors.

  • Insight Switches

This unique switch turns your wall plugs into controlled outlets. By using your phone, you can control lamps or any plugged-in appliances, as well as track their energy consumption.

  • Conserve Switch

Another special switch that allows you to stop power only to specific devices. For example, your wireless router will need to be ON all the time, but your monitor does not need to use power while it is switched off.

Conclusion  Although your energy bill will not leave, this technology is opening up new possibilities to reduce them significantly. With a few smart devices, your home could become more energy efficient while improving your everyday life and enhancing your overall quality of life. Also, throughout this journey, you will be making your contribution to a cleaner future.