How To Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

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How To Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

There are lots of people who switch between Android and iPhone products on a regular basis. They are also people who are looking for ways to preserve the information on their apps as they switch between phones. One of the most popular applications is called WhatsApp. For those who might not know, WhatsApp is an application that is used to send messages between people. One of the major advantages of using this application is that it can be used to send people messages in different countries without having to use international data. At the same time, there’s a lot of important information that is often communicated using this app. Therefore, it makes sense that people expect from turn android into an iPhone would like to preserve their messages. The good news is that there are several ways to preserve the data.

What About a Local Backup?

Many people think that they can simply take the back up and move it to a new phone. The bad news is that this is not the case. The cross-platform switch is not going to work. This has to do with not only the way the application was designed but also how the Android and iPhone products are designed. Therefore, it is important for everyone to look for an alternative.

Change the Account Feature

Those who have purchased a new phone and are changing phone numbers on making a switch can use WhatsApp itself to handle the transfer. A lot of people think that they are no longer going to be able to access their backup information by switching her number. The good news is that there is a way to do this.

  • First, it is important to change the SIM card that is on the Android phone. Then, connect a new SIM card to it. Make sure that both numbers are currently active.
  • Next, launch WhatsApp and go into settings. Then, click on account. Then, click on change number. Read the instructions on the application and follow them to switch numbers. After this, click the next button.
  • Then, enter the existing and new phone numbers in the correct field. A unique code is going to be sent to the original number. Use this code to verify the switch.

Finally, take a backup on local storage from the new phone number and move it to the iPhone. Simply make sure to use the same SIM card on the new iPhone as well. This will complete the data transfer.

Use Another Application and Follow a Tutorial

The good news is that there are also applications that have been designed specifically to help people transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone products and vice versa. It is helpful to watch a tutorial to learn how this is done. There are plenty of articles, videos, and step-by-step guides that will help people do this in an efficient manner. This can help everyone transfer their data and preserve it for their new phone.

These are a few of the top ways to transfer WhatsApp data between phones. Explore several of them and find the one that works the best.