LifeWave Joins Forces with memberTEK

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LifeWave Joins Forces with memberTEK

LifeWave, a premier company in the health and wellness area, has announced a new partnership with memberTEK, a leader in mobile-based contact management solutions. This innovative collaboration will enhance LifeWave distribution and sales efforts, while creating more streamlined business practices for its extensive team of distributors. Read on for a look at the two companies and how their joint efforts will enhance distribution activities for LifeWave.

Wellness Company History

LifeWave, founded in 2004, has become known for its innovative approach to wellness, with wearable technology that contains no drugs or stimulants. LifeWave offers an extensive product line of phototherapy patches which help to deliver more energy, better sleep, reduced stress, pain reduction and sharper focus. The company’s premier product, X39®, activates the body’s own stem cells to a more youthful state and helps in the age-reversal process. As a result of its success in this area, the company has been repeatedly recognized by Inc. magazine and included in its list of the fastest-growing companies.

The growth of the company is fueled by its unique distribution methods that have helped its products reach more than 100 countries. Rather than offer its products in a traditional retail setting where the potential of its patches may be overlooked, the company works with individuals who set up their own distribution operations. These operations vary in size and allow the distributor to decide how much time and energy they want to devote to their business. Whatever their choice, the company provides resources to support them, including ordering systems, member events, product information, social media and business guidelines. LifeWave’s partnership with memberTEK is part of a growing effort to offer more streamlined services to its members. 

Product Offerings

This type of forward-thinking development is indicative of the approach that Inventor, CEO and founder, David Schmidt, brings to all aspects of the company. Drawing on more than 30 years of research and entrepreneurial endeavors including manufacturing and product development, he is constantly seeking out inventive solutions to challenging problems. This has led him to innovate in a number of different areas throughout his professional life, including specialized energy-production technologies for both military and commercial applications. He’s also developed new methods for producing hydrogen and oxygen and bladeless turbine power generation systems. Work such as this has helped him accrue over 100 patents in his career, with more than 70 in the field of regenerative technology.

Schmidt’s work in the field of phototherapy is what has helped propel LifeWave to the level of prominence it now enjoys. The patches he created work by reflecting wavelengths of light back into a user’s body to create powerful changes at the cellular level. Through this mechanism, the company now provides powerful youth-renewal benefits to users.

Mobile Provider Information

memberTEK LLC, a SUCCESS Partners company, is a top provider of mobile solutions to help companies manage contacts, follow-up, and other aspects of distribution and sales. The company’s flagship mobile app operates on a range of OS platforms to ensure that it can reach all users, no matter what technology they employ. This not only includes mobile services but also email, video sharing and social media. This mobile technology marketing platform is designed to help sales team members communicate and follow up with potential customers while on the go — boosting their productivity significantly.

The platform can also utilize multi-language support to provide access in a large number of countries — an especially relevant feature given LifeWave’s international reach. Other key components that help make the software worthwhile for LifeWave include memberTEK’s reliable cloud-based backup services, push messaging abilities and API functionality. That last feature is especially useful for back-office system integration.

Announcement Plans

The official announcement, bringing LifeWave together with memberTEK, is set for the wellness company’s North American convention in Las Vegas. The event, scheduled to take place in late January, is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to support distributors and better prepare them for success in the field. Past events have featured talks by key members of the company, including CEO David Schmidt, as well as speakers with knowledge in wellness, clinical studies, sales, communication and related areas. Not only do these events allow distributors to meet members of the corporate team, they also equip them with knowledge they can apply directly to their business endeavors.

Beyond the prepared materials and onstage speakers, attendees of these events also benefit from the ability to meet, interact and compare notes with other distributors. This helps expand the network of those who are new to the field by giving them access to team members who have already spent time working with the company. This sharing of information and different insights on success secrets is helpful to new distributors seeking best practices to increase their customer base or expand their teams.  With the addition of memberTEK’s software to the event, much of the discussion in Las Vegas will surely focus on the technological benefits it can provide.

The new partnership between LifeWave and memberTEK promises not only to aid distributors in their business efforts, but also to expand the reach of the company’s wellness products. With this expansion comes the potential for more people to experience the benefits that LifeWave products offer and to possibly join the team to start their own distribution operations. Look for further news coming out of the Las Vegas event to see how the announcement will create changes in the field as a whole.