MAGFAST Announces Packaging Update and MAGFAST Time Charging Solution

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MAGFAST Announces Packaging Update and MAGFAST Time Charging Solution

Developing innovative, game-changing products in an ever-crowded marketplace isn’t easy. It’s why the MAGFAST team worked tirelessly over the holiday break to continue developing, creating the best customer experience possible, and solving a major new challenge almost immediately it became a problem.

MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit believes that the perception and experience one has with a product begins when the consumer takes it out of the packaging and opens the box. “We tend to think of packaging as nothing, but it’s incredibly important,” he said in a recent update. Expanding on this, he explained that unappealing packaging makes the product feel like an afterthought and doesn’t communicate how much care or planning went into the development of the product itself, while a great package reaffirms that a product is going to be incredible.

MAGFAST Family Pro Kit packaging is designed like a box of particularly delicious chocolates – with a series of small boxes brilliantly combined into a single package. Furthermore, no matter which MAGFAST products
you’ve chosen to purchase, your unique combination of items will arrive in a single, stunning, custom die-cut box.

While Segnit was working to develop the final MAGFAST packaging, however, the team discovered a separate  problem. When creating products to power iOS devices – such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch – there are far more rules, regulations, and standards involved.  Companies need to comply with these to be MFi certified and get approved by Apple, and a snag in the plans for MAGFAST Time – MAGFAST’s unique solution for charging the Apple Watch – looked like it could become a major issue.

Apple’s official charger for the Apple Watch is simple and beautiful, but it is also patented; only Apple can create Apple Watch chargers with a pop-out hole through the center on which the device can rest. The MAGFAST team reworked the raising mechanism and changed the design to avoid infringing on this patent. Then, they learned that even though Apple’s own charger did not perform such a function into achieve the MFi certification, the vertical watch docks (meaning those at over 45 degrees of elevation) must be adjustable for different sizes of Apple watches.

In his video update, Segnit explained that problems like these are more common than ever before for companies like MAGFAST. “Suddenly, Facebook changes the algorithm, Google changes the advertising terms, or Apple changes the rules, and these can be showstoppers for smaller companies.”

The engineering team solved this by allowing the new Apple Watch mount to tilt up to 44 degrees, so the product can be mounted perfectly atop the platform no matter what size it is, while the band flows naturally and doesn’t require any adjustment. In vertical mode, MAGFAST Time’s platform can hold the Apple Watch at 90 degrees, again without changing anything on the watch.

“I nearly had a heart attack,” Segnit said of the significant engineering changes that needed to happen fast, but by working hard over the holiday, the company has improved its innovative products. Now, Segnit loves how they fit together as an elegant, complete package designed to make charging the best experience possible.

“One of the things I’m most proud of” he says “is that every time we’ve hit some seemingly impenetrable brick wall – some show stopping problem with product development – on each occasion we’ve not only solved the problem but made the products even better for our customers.