MAGFAST Charger Is Giving Customers What They Want

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MAGFAST Charger Is Giving Customers What They Want

MAGFAST is a company that has been receiving a lot of buzz
lately due to its revolutionary line of device charging products. The massive
interest in the company’s unique line of chargers is apparent in the $300,000
goal that it quickly achieved during the first fifteen minutes of its recent
crowdfunding campaign.

This crowdfunding success shows just how many devices people
are using these days, and they want increasingly convenient methods for
charging those devices. The company has been hard at work developing a wireless
charging system that frees its customers up from having to carry multiple
charging cables around with them.

MAGFAST’s line of chargers is designed to fit various
scenarios that device users find themselves in, and it is all done without the
need for charging cables. The magnetic technology utilized by these chargers is
the result of an inspiring story that began with founder Seymour Segnit in

An Inspirational Story

The story that inspired Seymour Segnit to create MAGFAST
began in 2013 when he started to become frustrated with the number of charging
cables required to charge all of his different devices. He figured that there
were probably a lot of other people that felt the same way about this, so he
decided to create a solution to the issue by inventing the prototype for his
unique wireless charging system. This led to the founding of MAGFAST in 2018.

Segnit now serves as its President and Chief Executive
Officer and is working tirelessly to get these unique chargers out to the
public. So far, the devices have received a warm reception.

A New Level of Convenience

There is little doubt that the number of chargers used by
today’s consumer market is constantly increasing to match the number of devices
used daily for everything from work to home life. But they all have one thing
in common: they all need to be charged.

Seymour Segnit realized how inconvenient it is to carry
around a bunch of different charging cables to accomplish this. These cables
are inconvenient, often end up tangled together, and typically end up damaged
or lost. His unique charging system utilizes magnetic technology to universally
charge all contemporary mobile devices without the need for a traditional
cable. It is truly a new era of charging convenience.

Charging Products for All Circumstances

MAGFAST’s wireless chargers are convenient enough on their
own, but Seymour and his team have unveiled that the family comes with six
different chargers for all the common situations of today. The portable MAGFAST
Life is great for anyone on the go, and the convenient MAGFAST Road is ideal
for vehicles.