New San Francisco CDO R&D Center Brings Samsung Biologics “Next Door” to Global Clients

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New San Francisco CDO R&D Center Brings Samsung Biologics “Next Door” to Global Clients

Samsung Biologics has firmly established itself as a reliable partner for its contract development services, offering unsurpassed manufacturing capacities and advanced research capabilities. Now, the company is further expanding its operations by opening its first US CDO Research and Development Center in San Francisco, California. 

Moving Next Door

By becoming the “Next Door CDO Partner,” Samsung Biologics’ goal is to bring its CDO capabilities closer to global clients. In a digital ceremony, founding CEO Tae Han Kim expressed the company’s aims to maximize client satisfaction and provide immediate convenience to biotech companies in the Bay area. 

Speed, alongside a one-stop service structure, has set Samsung Biologics apart from the rest of the biotech field. At the fastest pace in the industry, its CDO business delivers cell line development to DS manufacturing in six months, and to DP manufacturing in seven months. 

Being in one of the fastest developing bioclusters will allow the company to provide real-time interaction and be closer in proximity to potential and existing clients.The facility will also offer the same CDO research and development capabilities currently established in its headquarters in Incheon, South Korea.

Going Above And Beyond Globally

The company expects the new CDO R&D center to serve many businesses, ranging from early-stage startups to established corporations. The center will continue to provide comprehensive biopharmaceutical services for drug products, from the early-stage of discovery to final manufacturing, through its renowned capabilities and capacity.

Samsung Biologics hopes to take its CDO business to the next level. The company has already received an award for its CMO services, and it hopes to become CDO champion by 2025. Since its launch, it has shown no signs of slowing down, contracting nearly 60 projects in two years and creating its proprietary cell-line, S-CHOice.

While this new opening is a milestone for the company, Samsung Biologics has bigger plans: the next step being to establish additional CDO R&D centers in Boston, Europe, and China moving forward. With its experts working “next-door,” this allows them to provide optimized satisfaction and more convenience to their biotech clients.