Promoting Wellness Through Technology

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Promoting Wellness Through Technology

Helen Schifter has written extensively about the value of maintaining a lifestyle filled with health and wellness. This is a topic that has not gotten the attention it most definitely deserves. There are likely many reasons for this – including the fact that the topic is not as healthy and does not involve immediate benefits of positive sensations and gratification. 

For instance, fitness is one of many different exercises that Helen recommends one engage in, in order to maintain a lifestyle filled with health and wellness. But fitness and going to the gym is a very labor intensive activity, undoubtedly so. Moreover, no matter how many hours one might spend at the gym it  will take considerable time and rigorous exercise patterns before one begins seeing real and substantive results in their physical body shape.

This is a reality that is not lost on many people and unfortunately explains why there’s this sluggishness among so many about going to the gym and keeping up in this way. And of course, this is very unfortunate. The obesity rate in the United States, especially among younger generations, is astronomically high. In fact, the rate seems to continue increasing over time. 

Helen Schifter on her website has discussed this phenomenon in great detail. It’s a phenomenon that is unfortunate and can really have adverse consequences that could prove very challenging for everyone involved. There needs to be a real campaign that is public and that reaches the masses, spelling out the incredible value in working out. 

But as Helen has pointed out elsewhere, there are also other avenues through which one can promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure they are leading a lifestyle devoid of the sort of toxicity and junk that runs rampant in some areas. Among those is the importance of maintaining a healthy diet that is based on healthy nutritions that includes proteins, but also a healthy amount of sugar and calories.

One of the common mistakes people make when it  comes to their diet, is thinking that somehow removing all calories and sugar is a prudent decision. It most definitely is not. You need both calories and sugar to function properly. This is something that people must internalize in order to comprehend it  accordingly and act in a way that comports to this fashion. 

Beyond fitness and also maintaining a healthy diet, it’s also important to ensure that one is mentally and emotionally healthy. This is something that needs to be stressed more by influencers and people of prominence that have audiences and the ear of younger audiences over time. 

It’s why there’s been a movement among health and wellness professionals to seek to promote such a campaign so that younger people especially, get a better understanding of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, and the negative and adverse implications that can manifest themselves in the event that such a lifestyle is not maintained. 

This is an issue that unfortunately appears to have been lost on many people. But regardless of one’s background, including social strata, this is an issue that has to find more people and activists willing to champion. Time will tell whether the message will be heard resoundingly, as it  should be.