Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

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Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a complex process. There is going to be salespeople that try to push services that you are not even sure what they are truly offering. Watching out for red flags is important as there are quite a few agencies out there that don’t keep the best interest of their clients in mind. Unfortunately, there are a number of agencies that don’t produce any results but rather try to confuse their clients with buzzwords. The following are red flags to watch out for when hiring a digital marketing agency. 

Failure To Show Relevant Results 

Asking for results that an agency has garnered for similar companies. If an agency hasn’t worked with your type of business before, they should be honest about it. If they have, they should be more than willing to show the results that they generated. A failure to produce a case study or metrics on improvement of online presence is a huge red flag. All agencies are willing to show results they have generated if they are positive. In line with this, we recommend you to check out a digital agency in Liverpool to aid you with your business needs.

Multiple Rebrands

Rebranding is common in today’s business world but in digital marketing, most will avoid rebranding so they don’t lose the results marketing has generated. Blackhat tactics are still used by a number of companies or the professionals they contract work to. Asking for an explanation of processes is important as you want to avoid any tactics that could result in a website penalty. 

Paid links are something that Google is always trying to crack down on. Author outreach can be a way to circumvent this as writers are always looking for brands to partner with. Most authors will write for a number of publications although accepting compensation from a company is likely against the author guidelines. 

Terribly Designed Website

Websites should be top of the line if a company is offering web design and marketing services. A website should be top of the line for a marketing company as they should understand the importance of a quality website. Clunky websites should not even be considered when looking to work with a digital marketing agency. Google actually lowers the rankings of websites that are not user-friendly and take a long time to load. Run like the wind from a marketing agency that cannot even figure out how to design a quality website. 

A Lack Of Followers Of Social Media 

A company that is offering social media services should have a decent number of followers. A lack of followers is a red flag especially if a company notes that their social media services are superior. The online marketing world is full of professionals that are willing to follow accounts that produce quality content. Failure to use the appropriate hashtags should not instill confidence that your accounts will be managed in the most efficient manner. 

Be careful when you are hiring a digital marketing agency as it will impact the trajectory of your business moving forward. The right agency can drive results and allow your company to grow in a consistent way.