Talkspace Touches on How to Handle Holiday Stress

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Talkspace Touches on How to Handle Holiday Stress

The holidays are a time of year when families get together. There are many of these family members who have not seen each other all year. Therefore, coming together with these people can often cause friction. There are many topics of discussion that tend to trigger people during the holiday season. Talkspace recently conducted a survey to find out which topics cause the most people to become triggered at this time of year. There were no real surprises. However, it was interesting to note that families get triggered by the same topics that tend to trigger complete strangers. Talkspace reviews provided a very clear picture of each topic that people have problems discussing while the holidays are happening.

As you might expect, politics always tend to rile people up. This is especially the case since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. The political divide in the United States since that historic election has only grown greater. This has made it much harder to relate to each other in terms of their political beliefs. This eventually causes arguments that were started because of a difference of opinion where politics are concerned. This will most likely continue next year if President Trump wins a second term in office.

Talkspace also found out that people get triggered around the holidays because they get judged by their family for a number of reasons. For example, a family might be judgmental about the fact that a person is not married yet or does not have any children. The partner that a person brings home with him or her during the holidays can also be a major source of friction during the holidays according to Talkspace reviews. This situation can be amplified if the person is homosexual, lesbian or transgender. People can often have pressure put on them by their families around the holidays because they have not decided to start a family yet. Being criticized for not going back to school, their choice of career or their lack of a promotion at work are all topics that trigger people around the holidays.

There are many people who are triggered about loneliness around the holidays. This is because these people are often surrounded by people who are married and have families. They want to have someone special in their life. Therefore, the holiday season can turn into a nightmare for many single people. They are constantly reminded that they are alone. Needless to say, this makes the holiday season much less pleasant or enjoyable. Experts say to surround yourself with a strong support system of people who love you. This will help to eliminate a lot of the loneliness you are feeling during the holidays. It always helps to remember that there are other people in this world who care about you.

Coming back to the town where you were born and raised triggers many people during the holidays. This is often because they are reminded of painful and traumatic events that happened to them in that town many years ago. Talkspace says going back home for the holidays might also remind people of a time in their life when they were struggling to survive or a past relationship that did not work. Being reminded of loved ones who have passed away is also a very common thing for people who go back to their hometown during the holidays. According to Talkspace reviews, all of these things can trigger people if they are not prepared for the emotional trauma. People should think about avoiding situations where they feel mentally stressed out. The holidays should be a time when you enjoy yourself.