Tech Predictions for 2020.

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Tech Predictions for 2020.

As we race into 2020, the experts are making a host of technology predictions for the new year. Here are a few of the most newsworthy:

Facebook will reverse itself on its disinformation and fake news policy. Politicians and hate mongers love how much they can lie on FB and get away with it. Not so, the general public. The backlash is growing stronger and in 2020 the pundits say the company will be compelled to reverse its hands-off policy and hire real, live, fact checkers to comb through the billions of posts put up each day. They’ll have algorithms to help them, of course.

Metrics will keep disappearing. Instagram ditched ‘likes’ earlier this year, to keep a lid on outrageous stunts that have led to actual physical injury. Other social media platforms are keeping a close eye on how that pans out for Instagram. If it looks good, you can expect Twitter and Facebook, among others, to do the same thing.

And last, but not least, news aggregators will become more human. Literally. The algorithms that pulled up the daily news this past year have not performed as well as expected, and social media platforms are frantically scrambling to bring back the human touch to selecting and editing news stories for their sites. Could be a big boost in Silicon Valley hiring . . .