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Technology in the Media Business

Media has changed dramatically in the last decade. In part, this is due to the fundamental economic conditions of the marketplace. It’s also because more and more people have migrated to the internet in order to browse for their news, fundamentally evading the past-time of print media, and all that came from it.

Ken Kurson created Book and Film Globe with this in mind. The internet has changed things dramatically for so many businesses; and it goes without saying, that the business of print journalism has certainly been one of them. The print business is a dying breed in the eyes of many journalists, editors and marketers working in the journalism and media industries.

What one needs to be conscious of is that these changes that have been brought don’t need to be viewed through a negative lens. On the contrary, the change can create immeasurable opportunity for content creators who have a litany of platforms to choose from through which they can disseminate their content in an effective manner.

Ken Kurson for example, has a keen understanding of exactly how to go about communicating his various passions through the lens of the blogosphere. Of those passions is politics; and the need to ensure we are all leading lifestyles filled with stoicism.

The dying trend of print media is not a novel concept. It’s something that many have been discussing for a very long time; and any intelligent analyst in the industry could have easily forecasted many years in advance. As the digital world and the way the public consumes media started changing in an aggressive fashion, the journalism and media industry were both rife for change.

The shift for some media outlets from print to digital media outlets has been challenging nonetheless. The changes in streams of revenue for news publications have complicated things for some veterans of the industry. The reality is that challenges create and present opportunities. That’s something that people have to be conscious of, regardless of the industry they might be operating and working in.

There is so much change going on now during the Coronavirus pandemic; given the changes that social distancing has led to. Among them of course, is in the spirit of complying with social distancing guidelines, people are working from home, in a remote fashion.

With this, the commercial real estate business has taken a very serious hit. The hit will continue being more severe with time, undoubtedly. The reason is simple. People are realizing that for many businesses, including media businesses, it’s in no way a necessity or a requirement to work within a physical media space.

For that reason, this is one of many examples of trends that the Coronavirus has spurred that might just end up serving a durable and permanent purpose. Why should businesses incur extra costs associated with office spaces, when in some cases there’s no need for what amounts to an extraneous and excessive cost?

This is a question that many are proposing; and many companies have already made official announcements along the lines of the fact that these changes from working inside the office to working remotely, will be lasting. There’s no reason to change it . It’s more cost-effective; more secure; more healthy and certainly better for all involved.

This is a great example of what the pandemic has wrought that might even prove constructive in the long-run. Regardless, and in any event, this is an issue that has been brought to the light in an effective way due to the pandemic. For some, these changes will merely be temporary; but for others, they will be permanent.

For many industries – including for journalists in the media industry, these changes are certainly manageable. This is merely a continuation of what the industry has already experienced, in the form of changes from the rigidity of old business practices to new ones.

Innovation in every industry is healthy; and creativity is important. These changes create opportunities. Some that are effective at capitalizing on them will be able to develop their businesses further in constructive fashions. Others will not be as fortunate. It remains to be seen what happens.