Technology Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

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Technology Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Nadia Kiderman has served the healthcare community for decades in various capacities. She has lectured on various subjects concerning the ways the healthcare industry must adapt to the changing circumstances of the world – in scientific and technological ways. One of Kiderman’s primary concerns has been the seeming inability of so many in the healthcare space to take the baton and charge, in order to develop the sort of reform that the industry has deserved for awhile now. 

Nadia Kiderman has been clear about the ways that the healthcare industry needs to view the future; and the ways it should be properly going about changing the way it  used to do things. The archaic and antiquated ways are ways of the past. They are backward; and it is time for a proper revival and revolution of sorts to be led by good-faith actors in the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, given the tremendous amounts of profit driven members of the industry, this sort of revival has yet to happen.

The reality is that the healthcare industry’s purpose and mission is to ensure the preservation and survival of the health of our people. Few things can be as noble; and as fundamentally important. For this reason, it  begs the question as to why there wasn’t any real and substantive efforts made previously in the interest of the betterment of healthcare patients and residents of facilities. 

The lack of regulatory reform and oversight on the part of our lawmakers and their agencies that should be situated properly in order to exercise this level of regulation, is certainly part of the problem. The onus and burden falls on their shoulders, to ensure that there is proper compliance on the part of healthcare facilities to ensure the highest quality of care is procured and provided. Unfortunately however, this has not been the case, traditionally. 

This is a fact that is not lost on the part of elder care advocates. The fact of the matter is that the healthcare industry as a whole has been backward for quite some time – and this problem, certainly did not start yesterday. There needs to be more of an education provided to staff members – particularly those in administrative capacities, to ensure that they recognize the value of how to implement technology to advance their causes and interests. 

Technologies should be employed for the betterment of care and to ensure that the quality of care is enhanced; and that staff members are able to go about surgical procedures and the like, in ways that are superior to the mechanisms they currently are using. This is the value of technology. It  can make a process that might be stale and staid, and have it  run far more efficiently and expeditiously. Resources need to be preserved in a way that’s meaningful and understandable as well. 

Nadia Kiderman establishes that we as a society need to do more to ensure that the technological advancements that are being employed in other commercial sectors are also utilized to the best of anyone’s ability in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector has perhaps the most vital of purposes; and yet it  is routinely glossed over when it  comes to oversight and other related capabilities, in favor of other interests. Technology can be used to make this sector and industry run more efficiently. It is for the betterment of the public interest that this be done in a methodical and strategic way. It  must be done proactively. We all have a responsibility to ensure it is done properly.  There are many tech healthcare jobs in demand these days. Learn about some here.