Technology is Thriving for Good Reason

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Technology is Thriving for Good Reason

Many observers of the stock market and the general economic conditions that have been caused by COVID-19 have been somewhat astounded by the technology sector’s continued growth and dominance. Surely, it’s somewhat strange to see technology companies outperform their valuations that pre-dated the start of this pandemic, when main street and so many businesses large and small are suffering. But if one is to assess the broader situation in an effort to gain more clarity, it’s actually quite evident why this is happening.

Financial observers like Shalom Lamm have remarked that the pandemic has created an economy that is driven by technology in a more fundamental way than it ever has been before. This is a statement that does have quite a bit of supporting evidence. In fact, the more restrictions that are placed by governmental bodies and agencies in terms of social distancing and the like, the more technology services become of value to people.

There’s a reason why we’ve seen most every single sector of the economy lag behind over the course of the last few months with the exception of the technology sector. Indeed as people continue transitioning to a remote working environment where working from home as become the standard, these trends will undoubtedly continue and persist.

Technology companies have capitalized on these transitional trends. Beneficiaries such as Zoom technologies have been able to take advantage of this environment, becoming a very helpful device for many people in the corporate world. In fact, Zoom is also being used to facilitate remote learning for those students that are studying in schools and institutions that will be closed. Shalom Lamm agrees that Zoom is a company that will continue to thrive in this pandemic.