The most addictive games to play in 2021

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The most addictive games to play in 2021

Let’s not deny it, we have all been addicted to a computer or smartphone game at least once in our lives and 2020 made sure we got right back into that habit!

These days it’s not hard to get addicted to games, you can play them on your phone, on your tablet or any other handheld device, or on one of the many gaming consoles on the market. Gaming platforms are so easy to find it’s no wonder we get addicted so easily and if you, like many others, are looking for something new to get into, here’s a list of the most addictive games for 2021.  


Fornite’s popularity since its release has skyrocketed. Its cartoon-style graphics, unique construction mechanisms and strategically-planned attacks and battles has made it one of the most addictive games out there. The aim of the game is to be the last man or team standing. Sounds easy enough? Wait until you try it!  

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush has been a classic for years. In this new version, the candy-swiping and matching aspect of the game is still its main feature, but with the Friends Saga they also introduced new designs, playing modes and integrated a series of characters into the game. Candy Crush has definitely upped its game!

Crossy Road

This game is similar to Flogger. The aim of the game is to navigate characters as they try crossing a series of busy streets. The game has a fun pixelated art style and a hint of pop culture references which creates fun and engaging user experiences.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

From the creator of Candy Crush, Bubble Witch is unsurprising just as addictive. It is a shooting and puzzle matching game already on its third instalment – Bubble Witch 3 Saga.


This game is reminiscent of the classic arcade game Breakout, it’s not the game exactly but it works on similar principles. Players all have a set of blocks that they need to break using the limited collection of balls they have. It’s a fun and easy game and a good way to pass the time.

Draw Something

This is one fun party game. It is like Pictionary with your phone. Players take turns to draw something while others have to guess what they draw, and after a few drinks there’s no telling what drawing skills people possess.

Alto’s Odyssey

This side-scrolling runner snowboarding game is super addictive, players can slide and tap the screen to move, jump and make tricks while completing tasks, earning points and collecting coins. Its glamorous art style is what makes this game so unique and addictive.

Color Road!

Color Road is pretty straightforward but it gets difficult very quickly. Players control a moving ball with the aim of collecting balls of the same color and missing those of different colours. The increasing difficulty rate of each level is what makes it so addictive players can’t stop.

Angry Birds 2

Everyone knows and loves Angry Birds, but now the creators have expanded the game even more. Everything that got people addicted to Angry Birds in the first place stayed the same. Players still shoot angry birds at evil pigs, but with Angry Birds 2 the stakes are higher and the difficulty level has increased.   

Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk is such a simple game but so addictive as well. All players have to do is tap their screen to keep a ball in the air and manoeuvre it through a bunch of obstacles to earn points.


This game is similar to another game called Homescapes, but in Gardenscapes players help Austin, the butler, restore the outdoor garden. It’s a matching game which means the possibilities are endless and players can even go as far as to create the dream outdoor garden.

Start playing today! 

Some of the games on this list are true nail-breakers while others you simply can’t get enough of no matter what you do. Essentially, they are all known to be addictive games, so don’t say you weren’t warned before you get started! For more addictive games, apps and other entertainment, visit  Trust us, you wouldn’t want to stop!