The Most Intriguing Features of WhatsApp Web

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The Most Intriguing Features of WhatsApp Web

In 2009, most futuristic services came in to play. Bitcoin and WhatsApp are the most favorite creation of all. Both the platforms are standing strong in the current time.

Yahoo Creators Wanted a Job at Facebook

Ex yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, left Yahoo in 2007 and worked on the third generation messaging app in February 2009. They made help with Igor Solomennikov. Igor was a Russian IOS app developer. Meanwhile when they were creating the app they planned to work for Facebook, but their job applications were rejected. Fast forward to 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion. 

Initial WhatsApp Version Was a Flop

 The creators named the app WhatsApp that hinted the new catchphrase “What’s up?” The initial version of WhatsApp was not the best. The app used to crash very often. The creators worked on it, and after a while, the app was perfected. The app was so bad that Koum’s started seeing for new jobs because he thought the app wouldn’t work.

Mirror Web Browser

WhatsApp was initially only a mobile app. In January 2015, the co-creator Koum posted on his Facebook about WhatsApp web. He said in his status that the WhatsApp web would be a mirror of their conversations and messages. The users could open the app on their PCs, and they would still have their conversations alive on their mobile devices. He also mentioned that WhatsApp users need to have an internet connection for their phones as well as the PC they would use the web version on. 

Easy Media Transfer to PC

Before WhatsApp web, it was very difficult to transfer media from your phone to your personal computer. Since WhatsApp web has come, this problem has been solved. The WhatsApp user connects to WhatsApp web and directly downloads media from their WhatsApp conversation and send media from their PCs to any WhatsApp contact. 


WhatsApp app is a revolution in the messaging industry. People have switched to WhatsApp messaging and stopped using text messages. WhatsApp provides you with the best kind of service. WhatsApp web has only added to WhatsApp, with it you don’t have to worry about keeping a tract of two screens. You can do all your work through one screen. You can work on your PC and see you are WhatsApp. Web WhatsApp also lets you use your physical keyboard, which makes your typing faster.