The Self-Sovereign Worker: How Independent Careers are Becoming the Norm

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The Self-Sovereign Worker: How Independent Careers are Becoming the Norm

Self-sovereignty, which is the ability for an individual or business to have sole ownership over their data, is fueling the charge towards the evolution of Web3. Developed from the most primitive versions of Web1 and Web2, Web3 is the current form of a decentralized online space that is essentially owned by everyone. Developers have been working tirelessly recently to solve problems and contribute more to the Web3 movement so that services like crypto and the metaverse can continue to flourish. This current stage of the digital space is only continuing to grow, as the total crypto market cap is worth nearly $880 billion.

Because of these changes, the world of work and employment have changed drastically. Web3 and the future of work are now considered synonymous, as technological careers have seen over a 100% increase in demand in recent years, and studies have found that 2 in 3 people considered quitting their jobs in 2021 due to greater opportunities in a more independent space elsewhere. Employment itself is also being affected, as there is less reliance on the typical 9-5 and 57% of workers reported having flexible schedules in 2019. People are also able to now work from anywhere in the world using Web3 technology, and more than 12 million jobs are expected to be generated by technology by 2025.

Many global leaders praise Web3, saying that it is the best way to work interconnectedly, and can diversify businesses and the skills of their employees. The sovereign worker is rapidly becoming the most common member of the workforce, as the future lies in the hands of those who take advantage of Web3 and its benefits.

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work