The Truth About Our DNA

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The Truth About Our DNA

Our DNA is composed of the materials that make us unique. No one shares the same DNA and it is the way all living things and organisms maintain life. It actually means deoxyribonucleic acid. The is the genetic material that determines the makeup of all living cells and is located in many viruses as well It is two long strands of nucleotide that are linked together in resembling twisted ladders. Now, this is very fascinating to people like Shalom Lamm. In the past, it was unclear to see if people were related. It could not be scientifically traced as it can be now. DNA tests can be done to see if people are related and the number of chromosomes they have. In many criminal investigations, DNA can be tested to confirm suspicions law enforcers had about a criminal. 

The science of DNA is fascinating. Although there are three forms; A-form, B-form, and Z-form there are connected within. The best part about DNA for historians is that it can be tested to retrieve information about the past. The following companies do DNA testing to inform a person about their ethnicity and where their ancestors lived; AncestryDNA, 23andMe, HomeNDA, Living DNA, and MyHeritage DNA. These are great companies to support if a person is looking for more information about where they are from. Many Americans struggle to find where their ancestors are originally from because of their long generational past in North America. That being said, with the science behind these companies, that information can easily be transmitted to anyone who purchases an account. Finding the roots from family members’ generations ago is a very riveting experience. The cost is usually around one hundred dollars and it can vary between companies. However, after taking a swab of saliva, the samples are submitted and sent to a lab. There, people can pair their DNA with others to see if there are any resemblances. One of the most remarkable features is that these companies can also track the health of a person.

A genetic test can tell a person over two thousand hereditary diseases and conditions. They included familial hyperlipidemia and muscular dystrophy. The reason this is so substantial is people it allows people to prepare for these outcomes prior to their appearance.e As people age, their bodies obviously start showing signs of weaknesses and that is why DNA testing at a younger age is so important. The soon people are aware of these possible outcomes, the sooner they can speak to a doctor about the right plan. Some cancers can be avoided if they are sought out at the proper time. They are extremely accurate and reliable which is why they are so highly recommended. Getting these tests done can tell a person so much about their past, present, and future. Shalom Lamm is fascinated with such technology and thinks that it is a game-changer for many industries.