The Unique Pricing Strategy of Mint Mobile

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The Unique Pricing Strategy of Mint Mobile

In the present world of the internet and smartphone, we need cell phone plans. The service providers are always offering cost-effective plans to facilitate users. Mint mobile takes the lead when it comes to providing a unique data service plan. In this mint mobile review of a unique pricing strategy, you will find out all the details that you might need in the future.  

About Mint Mobile 

Mint mobile is a mobile network service available in America. Its former name is Mint SIMS. Mint mobile is specifically known for its exceptionally low rates and excellent service. They have the most cost-effective and unique mobile data plans. 

Mint mobile runs off of T-mobile network so, where ever T-mobile networks are available, Mint Mobile will also perform well there. 

The bottom line is mint mobile is undeniably an exceptional prepaid service. They have wireless connectivity options, like other mobile network services. Mint Mobile has the best open mobile support with the fastest downloading speed. It also has a hotspot option to keep you connected at all times. 

Mint Mobiles Pricing Strategy

The company has a three-month introductory offer for the new subscribers. They say that these prices will stay the same for 12 months after the initial subscription. They offer three mobile data packages which are.

3 months $25 per month($75 up front)$35 per month($105 up front)$45 per month($135 up front)
6 months$20 per month ($120 up front)$25 per month($150 up front)$35 per month($175 up front)
12 months $15 per month ($180 up front)$20 per month($240 up front)$25 per month($300 up front)

The thing that makes mint mobile pricing strategy unique is that they provide the users with long term commitment plans. Recently, mint mobile raised their prices for a 3-month plan and the 6-month plan. Even after the rise in price, they remain the market leaders according to price.  

Previously, mint mobile offered plans according to the services, like 2GB, 3GB, and 10GB of 4G LTE mobile data. These plans were 3, 6, and 12 months. From the start of 2019, they changed it a bit by upgrading these services to 3GB, 8GB, and 12GB. Mint mobile is a public favorite because calling and messaging has always been free for mint mobile users. 

While reviewing Mint Mobile, the users said that the paying schedule gets complicated after the first billing. Currently, mint mobile is not providing any discounts for single or six-month plans for the new subscribers.   


In most mint mobile reviews, you will see that their pricing strategy is highlighted. That is because they have made their pricing strategy in such a way that it facilitates every one. They are the only mobile services that have put a lot of thought into making their data service plans.