Top 6 Tips to Secure Your Home with Technology

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Top 6 Tips to Secure Your Home with Technology

Securing your home with technology is the best peace of mind-decision you can make. Whether you are living alone or have a large family, home security technology is a way to protect your home by installing various automated sensors and equipment that work together as a network.


There are many different types of home security technology to choose from based on the protection you need, as well as many cost-saving benefits to installing home security technology. Here are the top six tips to secure your home with technology.


Security Cameras

The most common type of home security that comes to mind is security cameras. Having a network of cameras around your home is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your property. Cameras can be installed both inside and outside of the home at major entry points and areas. There are cameras that can record 24/7, as well as other security cameras that can stream a live video feed to your cell phone so you always have eyes on your house no matter where you are.


Sensors, Video Doorbells, and Other Types of Home Security Technology

Other than security cameras, there are many different types of home security technology. Sensors such as entryway sensors, glass break sensors, and motion sensors can be installed throughout the house that will trigger whenever there is movement in the area. Video doorbells are rising in popularity and have a camera built-in so you can see who is at the door through your cell phone or computer. Other home security technology include floodlights that turn on a bright light when there’s movement, and panic buttons that can be pushed in case of a medical emergency or home robbery which automatically call the local police. Choose a combination of home security technology that’s right for your home and the type of protection you need.


Peace of Mind Protection

Securing your home with technology is the best peace of mind-decision you can make. Utilize technology to protect your home around the clock, even when you’re not there. This is especially useful when you have small children or older adults in the household so you can be at ease that everyone is safe.


Decrease Home Insurance Cost

If you secure your home with technology, home insurance companies typically offer a discount of up to 20% off your premium. This offsets the cost of installing home security features as well as providing additional ongoing home insurance discounts for the future.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Most types of home security technology offer various automation features that increase the overall energy efficiency of your home (in turn decreasing your utility bills in the long run). For example, thermostats and smart lights are often programmed with security systems to automatically turn on and off which decreases overall electricity usage. Look for security technology that has energy-efficient automation features to help decrease your utility bills every month.


Professional vs DIY Installation

If you love to DIY and are handy then installing home security technology could be fun for you to do. But if you’re short on time or don’t want to learn how to DIY, then a professional installation is your best option. Even though professional installation will cost money, you’ll be at ease knowing that all the systems are installed correctly and working properly.


Regardless of how many people live in your home, choosing the right home security technology is important to keep everyone safe. Although it costs time and money to secure your home with technology, the long-term benefits and safety outweigh the initial investment.