Unleashing the Power of Transfer:  Unlocking Pathways to College Success

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Unleashing the Power of Transfer:  Unlocking Pathways to College Success

The journey to achieving a college degree can take various routes, and one avenue that holds immense potential is transferring.  Intending to reach 60% of the population with a postsecondary credential or degree by 2030, Kentucky recognizes the critical role of transfer success in realizing this educational attainment objective.

Why should students consider transfer? Beyond the allure of saving more money, transferring from a community college to a university can lead to increased earnings.  Kentucky’s transfer landscape offers an average net price of $6,000 annually at KCTCS compared to $13,000 at public universities and $18,000 at private universities.  By obtaining an associate degree and continuing on to complete a bachelor’s degree, students can unlock a lifetime earnings premium of $590,000 in Kentucky.

However, the transfer journey comes with its challenges.  Nationally, only 8% of transfer students complete the 2 + 2 formula – two years at a community college and two years in a bachelor’s program.  Overcoming these obstacles requires concerted efforts in fostering transfer pathways, providing transfer advising, and ensuring the smooth acceptance of transfer credits.

Kentucky envisions a future where transfer success is an equity issue that levels the playing field for all students.  Recognizing those early momentum milestones can significantly improve transfer success, especially for Black and Hispanic students, the state is dedicated to removing obstacles, strengthening institutional collaboration, and maximizing the applicability of credits.

To unleash the power of transfer, students must embark on a well-defined transfer pathway, receive guidance from transfer advisors, and ensure the transferability of their credits.  By doing so, the vision for transfer in Kentucky can become a reality, accelerating progress, strengthening partnerships, and ultimately unlocking the potential of every student on their path to college success.