White Glove Logistics Services – What Makes Them Different?

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White Glove Logistics Services – What Makes Them Different?

Many of us have heard of white glove logistics, but have no idea what it really means. It isn’t just about caring for each item that is packed and transported to a new location, the service goes a lot further than that. The logistics company don’t just wear white gloves when handling delicate material, the term is used to describe the level of service they offer. Here is what makes white glove logistics different to regular delivery services.

Understanding the Service

Many companies like rhenus-hightech.co.uk provide white glove logistics services to their clients. It is a specialised form of service that is offered in the transport sector. They go beyond the standard expectation of deliveries. This trend has started to take over as more and more businesses what this exclusive package in preference to standard delivery services.

White gloves basically means to handle products with professional care and attention. For example, if your company is moving to a new data centre, a white glove service won’t just deliver the equipment, they’ll also carefully reassemble each component and have the system up in running for your business. They’ll place each machine in the right location and integrate all elements on the network.

They take every precaution necessary to ensure the equipment arrives on time and without any damage. In addition, they carefully load and off-load the equipment and place it in the correct location in the building. Some companies also go one step further by offering a full technical installation service.

What Equipment Needs a White Glove Service?

Typically, it involves any items that cannot simply be dropped at your doorstep. This could be anything from household appliances to high-tech IT equipment. Most of the time it is expensive electronic items that need an extra level of attention. These products are generally expensive and cannot be damaged during the moving process. There are many ways to upgrade your business and services, using a white glove delivery option ensures your customers get their goods in perfect condition.

When a logistics company offers a white glove service, customers know they are getting the absolute best. They will carefully plan and execute the delivery to the very highest standard.

Delivery at a Whole New Level

In today’s climate, customers are concerned about the welfare of their employees when delivery drivers and logistics teams arrive at their site. Professional teams follow strict guidelines to ensure safety, it all comes with the white glove service.

Understanding white glove service is simple, it is like an upgrade on regular delivery services. It is basically a service before, during, and after the delivery. Logistics companies take everything into account, from site specifics to site survey and more.

This article has been written to help people better understand the difference between regular delivery service and white glove service. The white glove service goes beyond the actual delivery phase, it also includes the before and after too. It is a service that goes above and beyond of what is expected in the logistics industry.