Why Online Shopping is Here to Stay

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Why Online Shopping is Here to Stay

It is rather frightening when you look back at the speed and pace of the digital revolution – how far we have come – and the future looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. We are about to roll out 5G, which gives 10 times the data speed, and with Bitcoin emerging as the major player in the digital currency pack, the stage is set for a virtual economic global marketplace.

Ongoing Interaction

Digital technology is in the process of morphing with human society, and as time passes, it becomes increasingly more obvious that we are heading for a world without a traditional retail industry as such, rather there will be huge Amazon-style warehouses that deliver goods using drones. The current health situation is pushing people to online shopping, as one does not have to leave the home and the products are delivered to your door, while sticking to social distancing rules, and many tech gurus are predicting that AI will change the world in many ways.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

If we look back to 30 years ago, if you wanted to buy stone floor bathroom tiles, this would involve spending half the day at a builder’s merchants or huge home improvement facility, whereas, today, you simply search with Google and you will find many online suppliers of the best ceramic and stone tiles, all at trade prices and in most cases, with free delivery.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Buying from an online supplier means you don’t have to use energy to travel and with products delivered in an eco-friendly way, our roads will be less polluted, as traffic is greatly reduced. The traditional retail industry has been suffering for the past 4-5 years, as more and more consumers turn to e-commerce, and the hardest hit is the small corner shop retailer, who simply can’t compete with the low online prices.

Cashless Society

The current health situation reminds us that digital currency is a safer option that physically handling notes and coins, plus there is a growing interest in digital currencies like Bitcoin, which will eventually replace cash. This does not mean you will be restricted to buying online, as QR codes can be used to pay for goods in a traditional retail store using your mobile device, but the general trend will be towards e-commerce, for obvious reasons.

Consumer Protection

When shopping online, you enjoy the same rights that you have when purchasing in a retail outlet, so this eliminates the risk of being scammed with an online purchase. Obviously, one should do one’s research when buying anything online, and if you use Amazon, you will have full consumer protection. Admittedly, at the beginning, e-commerce was at risk of fraudsters, yet today, it is almost impossible to scam people online.

With the emergence of AI and virtual reality, we are about to witness a technological explosion that allows people to interact in a cyber way, and with more and more people connected to virtual reality, the World Wide Web will be an essential part of our lives.