Why Windows are More Valuable Than You Think

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Why Windows are More Valuable Than You Think

New windows have the power to up the value of your home in several ways. In fact, installing new vinyl windows could add as much as $12,000 to a home’s selling price. The biggest driver of window replacement is their energy efficiency. 

Energy star windows, for example, are one of the most desirable home features for modern buyers. Nearly 90% of people say that Energy Star windows are essential, and many appreciate the technology that these windows offer consumers. Another benefit of these types of windows is that energy efficient windows cost less than other household renovations. Despite the low cost, windows still deliver incredible energy value to a home. 

Over 40% of a home utility bill currently goes towards heating and cooling. Properly installed windows can reduce this percentage, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and helping to save money. There are different benefits to the double and triple pane windows, depending on the climate in which they are installed, however, all windows have the power to improve a home tremendously. 

When replacing double-pane, clear glass windows, one can save hundreds even thousands of pounds of CO2 per year, and the equivalent of 12 gallons of gasoline per year. The earth and your wallet will thank you, as home value increases, tax credits increase, and UV protection is at an all time high when windows are installed. It has never been so easy to make this change, and the time is now to seek these improvements.