Why You Should be Using Facebook Watch to Build Your Brand

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Why You Should be Using Facebook Watch to Build Your Brand

As of 2022, Facebook is the most-used social media platform in the world, with users spending an average of 19.6 hours per month browsing the site. This dependence can be harnessed into a marketer’s dream, giving you access to millions of receptive individuals who could benefit from your product or service.  

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve probably already set up your Facebook brand page or paid for boosted adverts. But have you delved into Facebook’s innovative video platform, Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is a streaming service that lets users post videos, like this one, to a large audience without forcing them to navigate to another platform, like Youtube. This inbuilt streaming service is a great way to build your brand and engage with prospective customers.

Here are five key reasons why:

1) It’s Free

One great reason to incorporate Facebook Watch into your marketing strategy is that it won’t cost you or your audience anything. While paid adverts can quickly deplete your budget, creating stories or short clips to promote your brand is completely free and can result in high levels of audience engagement. 

2) Videos are Personalized

A frustrating thing about promoting your brand can be identifying your target audience. Facebook Watch takes the guesswork out by only showing your video on the Facebook Watch feed of people who have nominated relevant interests. For example, your new mold remover might appear on the Feed of a mum who has previously liked cleaning tip Facebook groups. Research has shown that this targeting process significantly improves ad performance and responsiveness.

3) Connect with Customers in Real Time

Using Facebook Live, content creators can stream videos to Facebook Watch in real-time. This feature is a powerful opportunity for brands to introduce new products or services before they launch and create hype. You could also use this feature to present live demonstrations of your existing line-up to reignite interest.

A key benefit of live content is the ability for your audience to interact with you more directly. While you broadcast, your customers can leave comments with any suggestions or criticisms they might have. You can then answer these in real-time to alleviate consumer and promote engagement. Studies show that even addressing negative comments about your brand can do wonders for your brand’s PR. Customers feel empowered when they can have their say.

4) Increase Your Reach

Posting videos on your brand’s website or even Youtube makes it more difficult for your fans to share your content. Although sharing is possible, most people simply won’t bother. Content on Facebook Watch, however, can be shared to a user’s (or friend’s) timeline in just two clicks. This increases the likelihood that your content will be disseminated and receive increased engagement.

5) Collaborate with Influencers

We’ve talked about creating your own videos, but Facebook Watch is also ideal for collaborations. Facebook Watch is home to a great deal of content, including influencer videos, skits, and episodic series. 

If you can strike up a deal, such as a free product in exchange for a mention, your product could be featured in a well-known content creator’s work. A product placement (e.g. an actor drinking your coffee in a scene) can work well to unobtrusively put the idea of purchasing your goods/services in the audience’s mind and may be more effective than a hard-sell sales pitch. The idea that an influencer is associated with your brand can also increase customer trust in your product.

Using Facebook Watch is an easy way to reach Facebook’s over 1.82 billion users and boost the growth of your brand online.