3 Digital Marketing Trends to Act Upon Soon

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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Act Upon Soon

Some innovations in digital marketing trends are essentials to adopt soon. Consumers look for smarter ways to shop and they want instant information at their fingertips. Smartphones are their preferred mode of browsing and shopping, and they expect fast responses to their queries and websites that open instantly. 

These are the 3 digital trends that every business needs to act upon soon to continue growing their prospects and keeping customers. 

Facebook Shops

It has never been easier to create an online store on Facebook or Instagram, and it’s for free. This enhances the digital presence of any business and puts shopping at the fingertips of every consumer.

Customers can either find the business through the business page or profile, or they can discover them through their ads and stories. They can browse all the products, save them, and even place an order from the website or the app which is available to businesses in the U.S. that have enabled it. 

Businesses can choose which items they want to feature, and the customizable fonts and colors allow each brand to tell their story. Responding to customer queries and support is as easy as connecting with them through any of the popular means of messaging like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. 

Facebook Shops have also partnered with Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, etc. so that small businesses can have support and tools at their disposal. This makes it easier for them to move their businesses online. 

Chatbots from Snatchbot 

The BotStore is the world’s first free bot marketplace that offers templates for various business needs. Theses bots can easily be built, connected, and published to offer natural interaction with their users and they are intuitive. Most importantly, Snatchbot customer service bots can be connected to multiple messaging channels to ensure that businesses can connect with all their customers. 

Chatbots for the BotStore is the new digital marketing tool that no online business can afford to be without. No coding is required to get as many bots ready to publish. These can even be built to hold anything from simple conversations or to perform a multitude of tasks, including translations, action buttons, collect payments, issue receipts, etc. 

This is thanks to their ability to use natural language processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help businesses drive their digital marketing. 

Fast Web Hosting

According to Adriaan Brits, CEO at Sitetrail Media, “getting clarity on the best web hosting option for your business, is a fundamental step to take before spending your budget on marketing and it is like fixing a leaky bucket before working with it”.  A successful website needs a reliable web host that is also high-performing. Web hosting is the foundation for any business with an online presence. The first consideration for any business should not be the price of hosting, but the speeds offered by their web hosting services. 

Any business digital campaign can be hurt by slow loading speeds because consumers do not want to browse if it takes time to load a website. Search engines rank websites according to how much time users spend on them. Any website that wants a good Google ranking needs a web host that has minimal downtime. Faster website speed also encourages consumers to spend on a website, and eCommerce performance is boosted. 

HostGator is one example of a fast web host with plans that are economical and offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. It also offers reliable and guaranteed 99.9% uptime and business scalability through its various hosting options. Most small businesses start with shared hosting, but growth requires they quickly move to VPS, cloud, or even dedicated hosting. 

Summing up

Chatbots use AI and natural language processing to automate the customer experience and service. Facebook Store allows stores to reach more consumers, and fast web hosting ensures that consumers spend more time browsing, and ultimately shopping. 

Digital marketing needs not be that hard when taking advantage of these super trends. They can be adopted and adapted to every business.