How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Bad?

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How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Bad?

Most light switches are wall switches. They are a form of mechanical device which is commonly used to turn the lights in the room on/off. Switches are used almost daily, and since they are used so continuously, there’s a significant chance that they become old & worn out. So before a light switch stops working, it will start behaving abnormally. You will hear popping sounds when you flip the lever, or it will make audible crackles and snaps. These are just a few early warnings which will indicate that it is about time you get a new light switch for your premises.

While some warning signs of a failing light switch are prominent, other signs are a bit more subtle. 

Are you wondering what the most common signs of a light switch going bad are? Here are a few. 

Switch Starts Sparking

While it is pretty typical for a small spark to occur when you switch off a light bulb at your home or office, a large spark creating a burn mark on the switch isn’t a good sign. Small sparks usually occur when circuits come in contact or get disconnected when a person pulls the switch lever up and down. However, large sparks typically happen when the circuit inside the switch becomes faulty. Even though, if the switch still works, it is pretty evident that the circuit is weak and the switch can go bad any day. 

Switch Makes Crackling Sounds

When you turn on a switch, does it make crackling sounds? Once again, it indicates that the switch is about to die anytime soon. If a switch is going to become faulty, there are many other sounds which the switch might make such as sizzling, popping, clicking, buzzing, etc. If the light switch starts making any such noises, it is a clear warning sign that there is either a loose wire connection or the switch is defective. In either case, the switch requires replacement and changing.

Switch Feels Hot When You Touch It

Usually, a switch does get heated up after prolonged use of electricity; but if it gets fairly hot, then it indicates the switch circuitry might fail anytime soon. If you switch gets heated, and you aren’t quite sure what is the reason behind it, then it is pretty evident that the dimmer or the switch is about to fail anytime soon. Dimmer switches are known for getting hot when they are turned on because they do absorb some of the dissipated energy; however, a toggle switch isn’t supposed to heat up. In case, your toggle switch keeps getting heated when it is turned on, and it is pretty obvious it’s about to fail. 

The Lever on the Switch Has Become Loose

Is the lever on your light switch becoming loose? If it’s becoming loose, then it’s pretty evident the light switch is about to fail. If that’s the case, then you should get your light switch changed on the double. In case you are staying in Canada and especially in Vancouver, then there are plenty of electricians in Vancouver who can help you with fixing your light switch problem. Call one of the reliable electricians and ask them to change the switch for you. They will charge you a very reasonable price. 

Light switches are an essential component of your household which comes in your daily usage. And if any of the light switches at your home aren’t working optimally, then there’s a high chance that you might not be able to use that electrical device. Also, a faulty light switch is a red flag because it can electrocute you. 

Hence, it is best advised that if the light switch at your home is going bad or showing signs that it is turning faulty, then you should hire a professional electrician to get it replaced.