4 Things That Might Change for the Tech Industry Due to the Coronavirus Shutdown

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4 Things That Might Change for the Tech Industry Due to the Coronavirus Shutdown

While the tech industry is booming in many areas, Covid-19 presents a unique and unusual situation that could present big challenges. Tech is perhaps one of the best placed industries to survive something like coronavirus, as people will rely on it more and more when there are lockdowns. There will no doubt be lots of new opportunities presented by this challenging time, and here are some changes that may happen within the industry.

  1. More people might work from home long-term

A lot of people who’ve never worked from home before will now be seeing the benefits of remote working. It cuts down on tedious commutes, you get more done and there’s no need to dress up every day. Some areas even have less pollution due to cars being off the road. So, once this is all over, will people want to go back? If you’re recruiting in the tech sector, you may get more applications from people who want to work for you remotely, and companies who produce software that allow collaborative working may find their user numbers shoot up.

  • Bandwidth may need to be preserved

Most people who live in areas with fast internet will be used to being able to use multiple devices and have seamless streaming. Unfortunately, as we have already seen in Australia, because so many people have been at home using the internet for work, gaming and idle browsing, in many areas it has become unreliable. This has meant that Netflix and other streaming services have had to downgrade quality to preserve speed, and in future, there might be further restrictions to ensure people can do essential things online.

  • Digital marketing is likely to overtake traditional methods

People spending more time online means that companies will no doubt want to focus more on digital marketing. Most of the tech industry is pretty forward-thinking anyway, so may already have a strategy, otherwise, they should visit https://www.moveaheadmedia.com.au/ to find out more. Digital marketing is becoming more important during coronavirus because:

  • Social media engagements are higher
  • More people will try shopping online for things they may not have considered in the past
  • There will be a lot of idle browsers who can be a captive audience
  • Traditional methods such as advertising in print may not be available for much longer – so online may be the only option
  • There may be delays to launches

From 5G to the new iPhone, the tech industry may have to suffer through delays during this outbreak. While this can present challenges and be frustrating, the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In China, factories are starting to reopen, so things like production delays probably won’t be indefinite.

Covid-19 will have an affect on all sorts of businesses, but luckily, tech companies are likely to be in a stronger position than most. While there are obstacles to navigate, there may also be opportunities for growth.