AI’s Role in Job Creation and Destruction

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AI’s Role in Job Creation and Destruction

AI, for all the charged media coverage it gets, remains an ultimately neutral tool. It has the capacity to really help in a range of industries across the world. Yet it has just as much power to be abused and harmful. One modern worry for AI is how it will affect the modern job market. AI is rapidly taking over a range of roles in society, but it is also creating new ones. How do these two forces stack up against one another?

The answer is, luckily, optimistic. The challenge in assessing AI is it is a rapidly developing and changing field. Although looking forward to 2025 today, there are more jobs to be created than displaced. Specifically at a rate of 97 million created to 85 million displaced. This is extremely important when countries like Hungary are predicted to lose over a third of workers to AI. AI will undeniably destroy jobs, but it needs to create replacements.

And what are these replacements? For the most part, they are high-skill jobs related directly to the creation and understanding of AI jobs. Jobs like tech researchers, data scientists, and software developers. The demand for people who understand and can interpret AI is undeniably rising. 

While AI is an amazing tool, it being a tool means that humans are needed to make it useful. This is the spot AI finds itself in today. It’s destroying simple tasks and leaving more work up to helping it do complicated ones. Now what’s left to be seen is how it evolves and moves beyond what human reliance it has today.

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