All You Need to Know about Supermicro

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All You Need to Know about Supermicro

Supermicro is a leading firm when it comes to server technology innovation. The firm has also focused on green computing while also providing clients around the globe with servers, storage, GPU, and blade systems that are application-optimized.

The company has advanced Building Block Solutions for servers, and that is why Supermicro can offer optimized solutions for datacenter, HPC, and IT deployments. The system architecture of the firm includes Double-Sided Storage, Twin Server, and SuperBlade product families. The resource sharing and innovative architecture allow the systems to deliver the best performance-per-dollar and per-watt as they offer high densities in the sector.

The firm boasts about offering product lines that are comprehensive, and Supermicro also has something for businesses of all sizes. The solutions offered are earth-friendly, energy-efficient, and they can deliver good value, and the performance is unmatched. The slogan at the firm revolves around keeping it green, and the mission motivates the company to continue offering systems that have the best power efficiency in the industry.

The company was established in 1993, and Silicon Valley was the hometown for its first headquarters. The firm has expanded its operations globally, and they currently have manufacturing centers in Asia and Europe. The server building block solutions by Supermicro offer feature advantages, and the flexibility is exceptional. 

The products being offered by Supermicro include:

1. Application Optimized Server Solutions

The server solutions on offer are customizable and flexible, and they help address the different application needs of the consumers. Modularity and flexibility enable the firm to come up with materials that meet the industry standard into various components such as chassis, power supplies, and server boards.

The design principle in use helps to deliver cost-effective and high-efficiency solutions with superior features that fit the most constrained and demanding applications. The building block solution is a good approach since it ensures the company can offer a wide range of SKUs that offer numerous choices for clients.

2. Advanced Storage Technology

The Double-Sided storage is innovative, and it offers high-density storage that can help maximize power efficiency and maximize space. The storage system normally provides direct hot-swap access to the storage drives. There are other high-value features such as hot-swappable and high-efficiency redundant Power Supplies, and the data transfer rate can be as high as 6.0 Gbps for advanced applications.

3. Hybrid GPU + CPU Supercomputing Systems

Supercomputer-level performance that can scale to 4 TFLOPS in 4U and 2 TFLOPS in 1U, the hybrid GPU + CPU supercomputing solution is suitable for scientific computing. Oil & gas exploration, CAD/CAM, and medical imaging can gain from this supercomputing system.

4. Economical Thermal Management and Power Efficiency Systems

The server solutions have numerous design innovations that can optimize power consumption while managing heat dissipation. The firm designs flexible power management solutions and can eliminate or customize components that reduce overall power consumption.

The power supplies can enhance power efficiency. The firm has also mastered the design challenge for power supplies, and they produce high-performance and high-quality solutions with a high peak efficiency rating. As a result, the systems have a leading Green standard because of the server chassis solutions. Supermicro has also come up with technology that can reduce the heat dissipation effect from the servers while ensuring they can achieve an excellent price-to-performance ratio and minimizing energy while ensuring the server malfunction risk caused by overheating has been reduced.

About Corporate Philosophy

Supermicro has adhered to a design implementation process that is rigorous. The firm has also adhered to the ISO standard and manufacturing standard while ensuring that the products being produced are of the best quality and they’re reliable. The organization has also integrated the parts and components that are of the best quality into the servers, chassis, and system boards. To ensure the performance is excellent under extreme operating conditions, the company ensures each product has undergone intense computational and environmental testing. The quality efforts help to optimize system performance while minimizing system downtime. 

Customer Satisfaction

The company is currently operating globally, and they focus on ensuring that all their clients are satisfied. Supermicro ensures each product has a comprehensive warranty. There is also a replacement policy. The reseller channels are highly responsive, and the technical support team is very dedicated. If you have any queries, you can reach out to the support team, and you’ll get an answer to any questions you have.