How To Deal Directly With Your Arrest And Keep Your Career On Track

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How To Deal Directly With Your Arrest And Keep Your Career On Track

Being arrested for any reason makes you immediately think of your professional life. The last thing you want is an arrest to impact your career in a negative manner. You should not admit fault of anything and enlist the help of a Raleigh criminal lawyer or one in your area. Your job might not be impacted in the slightest by an arrest. This is the ideal situation as getting a DWI as a truck driver can lead to immediate termination. The following are tips to deal with your arrest in a way that keeps your career on track. 

Get An Experienced Attorney

There are some cases that can be thrown out almost once the evidence is submitted. This could have been done in an illegal way or there are problems with the paperwork. Working with the same prosecutors can be a great advantage for some. Some will try to close a case with a plea deal while others are looking for a trial conviction. Getting into a diversion program is the best thing that can happen besides the charges being dropped early. Diversion programs can also help expunge the arrest from your record for first-time offenders. 

Stay Out Of All Kinds Of Trouble

You might have some conditions you have to follow after you are released on bail. You might not be able to drink alcohol or have to submit to drug testing. You don’t want to break these terms as it can cost you your bail money if you pay your bail entirely in cash. Laying low on social media is also recommended as community supervision officers might view these accounts. You don’t want to get into trouble again as this can impact the decision on judge makes on your initial case.

Remote Jobs Most Likely Won’t Need To Know

Unless there is something written in the employee handbook about reporting arrests, you should not do it. You don’t want any ammo for termination if you are unsteady ground with your employer. You can easily take time off if you work in a remote situation as court does not take very long. Take the time to scour websites that post these pictures and report them to be taken down. Some states make sure the privacy of a person arrested is protected while others do not. 

Use PTO Wisely

Using your vacation time for a court date might not be ideal but it can keep the arrest quiet. You will get notifications of your court dates weeks in advance so you can put in PTO notice. Some cases can extend for years depending on delays and an attorney’s strategy. Witness statements could get a bit unclear after a period of time which can lead to reasonable doubt.

An arrest can be managed in a way so your career is not impacted. All arrests do differ in severity depending on the charges alleged. Use the tips above to ensure your career stays on track after being arrested.