Benefits of Technology for the Elderly

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Benefits of Technology for the Elderly

Keeping up with technology advancements can be challenging for anyone but it can especially be a pain for the elderly. However, there are numerous ways in which technology can assist seniors and improve their quality of life.

1. Benefits of Technology for the Elderly

Smart devices can upgrade the everyday lives of everyone, and especially the elderly.

Greater convenience and comfort

With smart lighting, you can turn lights on and off without getting up. The same goes with setting the right temperature thanks to a smart thermostat. Seniors no longer have to go to the grocery store and carry a heavy load as they can simply get what they need by pressing a button.

Lowered bills

Smart devices will also make your home more energy-efficient and therefore, lower your Duke Energy monthly expenses.


One of the largest gifts technology has given us that we get to speak with our loved ones and see them regardless where they are. From emails to Skype and FaceTime, distance became just geography. As COVID-19 started its relentless march across the globe and imposed self-quarantines, technology ended up saving our mind and soul.


Technology advancements significantly reduced safety hazards. Devices can detect a fall or any change in pattern and alert family members. Seniors can call for help by simply pressing a button, allowing their loved ones to take care of them from a far and sleep peacefully.


From games to hobby apps, there are many easy-to-use devices that provide seniors with content they enjoy while keeping their brains active.

2. Best Tech Products for the Elderly

Smart home devices do a great job at making your life easier.

Smart home hubs

To begin with, a smart home hub is the brain that will connect all your devices.

Smart lighting

Instead of risking injury by tumbling in the dark, smart lightbulbs can be activated with a voice command.

Virtual assistants

Conditions like arthritis can make it painful to press buttons. Smart speakers can follow voice commands with virtual assistants reminding you to take a pill, answering a question so you don’t have to type and ask Google and play music or activate other devices. Amazon Echo can even create your morning routine, by making you coffee and reading the news.

Medical alert systems

No one is immune to accidents and emergencies, and the fact is that seniors are more prone to them than youngsters. This system can connect caregivers and emergency services in case of a fall or other serious condition. Such devices can even be taken when taking a shower, during which you can easily slip.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Keeping the house clean requires time and energy so maintenance can become challenging for seniors. But, a robot vacuum cleaner like Roomba does all the work and it even cleans itself.

Smart thermostat

Programmable thermostats remove the need of having to get up and turn the AC. They can even be controlled with your voice or through an app on your phone.

Digital pill dispenser

There is a thing such as a smart medicine dispenser which not only distributed medicine at the right time but it can hold 10 different pills of all shapes and sizes and customized to any schedule you give it. For example, Hero can store up to 90 days of medication, as long as the pills are not dissoluble, sticky, broken in half or gummies, for safety reasons.

Watch and health manager in one

Devices such as The Fitbit Versa 2 tracks your heart-rate, allows you to set alarms, track the weather and your sleep and even listen to music. It allows you to even access information through a virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Takeaway – There’s not a single person on this world that wasn’t frustrated with technology at some point. But, the bottom line is that technology goes beyond convenience. They make living safer and easier, with these benefits being even greater for seniors. They make your mornings brighter, your days easier and your nights calmer.