Best Selling European Car Brands In The US

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Best Selling European Car Brands In The US

Do you think that European car brands are popular in the United States? While they might not be every motorists first choice (be that because of price, style, or some other factor), common knowledge shows that most drivers consider European cars safer and more reliable than their American counterparts, say OC car accident lawyers Easton Law.

It’s for this reason that you’ll see your fair share of European brands on the road, but which are the most popular? That’s the question we’ll be looking at today, as we go over the best-selling European cars you’ll find on American roads.

Looking At The Numbers

If we’re talking about recent trends in American’s car purchasing habits, Statista has the numbers on US sales of European car brands during the end of 2020. 

The leader of this list, BMW, should come as no surprise if you take stock in safety being the driving factor behind European car purchases. BMW has long been a superior option when it comes to reliability on the road, as experts like San Francisco wrongful death lawyer Dan Rose might remark. This is further backed up by IIHS, which gave BMW a top safety pick award for 2020 and has consistently given the brand high marks in the past.

BMW sold 98,750 vehicles in the final quarter of 2020, though they did have some stiff competition. Going down the list you can see the top selling brands in order:

  1. BMW — 98,750
  2. Mercedes-Benz — 95,310
  3. Volkswagen — 94,122
  4. Audi — 62,519
  5. Volvo — 36,526
  6. Land Rover — 27,698
  7. Porsche — 17,561
  8. Mini — 8,549
  9. Alfa Romeo — 6,092
  10. Jaguar — 5,500
  11. Fiat — 735

As you can see, there’s a clear hierarchy among European vehicles in the United States, at least as far as 2020 data is concerned. While BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen vie for the “podium positions” all other European automakers are left to fight out the lower rankings.

But what of European car sales in recent years? 2019 paints a similar picture, though Volkswagen had the top spot at that time, with Mercedes and BMW tracking closely behind. Seems that if you’re looking to buy European while in America, you can’t go wrong with one of those three brands, and they have a wide enough selection to satisfy motorists of all stripes, be they lovers of coupes, sedans, SUVs or something in between!