AFuzion Offers Free DO-178C Training Videos

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AFuzion Offers Free DO-178C Training Videos

AFuzion Offers Free DO-178C Training Videos

The digital age has sparked a plethora of online content and now more than ever before educational resources are becoming a lot more convenient to access. AFuzion, one of the leading American boutique companies that specialize in aviation engineer training and software critical certification has adapted to the trend of offering online training videos for free.

AFuzion has monitored the need for greater influence when it comes to the interest of their fellow clients, and those seeking assistance in certain areas. One of the most prominent features offered by AFuzion recently is that they now offer free DO-178C training videos. The small library of online resources is available to just about anyone, whether you’re a client of theirs or an aviation buff that needs some guidance.

AFuzion provides the world’s most popular and frequent DO-178C training, DO-254 training, and ARP4754A training with classes every month as detailed here.

Why are AFuzion training videos useful?

AFuzion has been built on years of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Today, the boutique company has become one of the world’s most reliable sources of aviation development, certification, and training. Roughly 90% of the worlds’ aviation companies rely on the resources, checklists, plans, and templates offered by AFuzion.

The team at AFuzion is a combined effort, with multiple experienced aviation engineers and software developers creating a platform that’s currently in use by more than 10,000 engineers worldwide in 25 countries. This platform has now become a number one choice for thousands of engineers and aviation software developers, offering both guidance and setting up standards that are now synonymous with the avionics industry. 

The videos currently available on AFuzions’ YouTube are aviation development & cert solutions, improving aviation development & cert efficiency per ARP4754A, DO-178C, and DO-254, DO-178 Gaps & understanding and closing technical training, avionics hardware development & test applying DO-254 and DO-160 best practices. These and many more are available for free online on both the AFuzion website or YouTube.

Plans and checklists available from AFuzion

AFuzion includes a handful of the latest plans and checklists used by aviation engineers across the world, these include but not limited to;

DO-178C Plans, Standards, and Checklists include:

•            Plan for Software Aspects of Certification

•           Software Design Coding and Design Standard

•            Software Verification Plan

•            Software Quality Assurance Plan Checklist

•            Source Code Review Checklist and many more.

DO-254 Plans, Standards, and Checklists, but not limited to:

•            Plans for Hardware Aspects of Certification

•            Hardware Interface Control Document

•            Hardware Accomplishment Summary

•            Hardware Development Plan

•            Hardware Verification and Validation Plan

ARP 475A Plans, Standards, and Checklists, but not limited to:

•            PASA Preliminary Aircraft Safety Assessment Template

•            System Requirements Management Plan Template

•            System Validation and Verification Standard

•           Plan for Software Aspects of Certification Checklist

•            System Configuration Index Checklist

Where to access everything      

Potential clients and interested engineers and aviation software developers can access all these resources on the AFuzion website and can directly contact the AFuzion team for further queries. Additionally, all videos offered by AFuzion are available for free on YouTube.