ClearObject Managed Services Supports Engineering Tools with Secure Development Platforms

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ClearObject Managed Services development platforms

ClearObject Managed Services Supports Engineering Tools with Secure Development Platforms

With ClearObject’s Managed Services, they manage the engineering application development environment for you. Managed Services provides secure, up-to-date access to the IBM development tools you use, letting you focus on creating innovative and profitable systems.

With Managed Services, you can accelerate your time to market, reduce build and deployment times, and free up developers for other work.

What Is ClearObject Managed Services?

ClearObject Managed Services is a cloud-based solution that migrates, deploys, and manages your IBM engineering tools. Their Managed Services solution lets you focus on development without worrying about the day-to-day routine maintenance tasks and upgrades that can distract and disrupt your in-house engineers.  Managed Services lets your teams focus on revenue-generation, innovation, and excellence in product design and delivery not on the upkeep of your engineering development toolset.

What’s more, as an IBM Gold Business Partner, ClearObject understands the IBM production tools and how to optimize and maximize your investment in them.

There are multiple options available, allowing you to choose the ClearObject support that meets your engineering needs. Options include:

  • ClearObject Managed Services. Bring Your Own Licensing (BYOL) for the IBM tools you use and let ClearObject manage deployment and support services. ClearObject uses Google Cloud Platform, ensuring your tools benefit from superior performance and security compliance at a reduced cost compared to competitors
  • IBM SaaS. Buy IBM SaaS and have ClearObject provide managed services. ClearObject is the sole managed services provider globally for IBM SaaS. Tools are deployed on the IBM Cloud, providing unlimited bandwidth on bare metal and virtual servers
  • IBM Custom Services. BYOL for the IBM tools you use and use an IBM Statement of Work to contract separately for managed services from ClearObject. Hosted on IBM Cloud, you’ll benefit from better performance, reduced costs, and industry-leading security for your tools

No matter what solution you choose, you’ll gain access to professional managed services that keep your engineering tools accessible, protected, updated, and reliable.

Benefits of Using ClearObject Managed Services

Why choose ClearObject Managed Services for your IT needs? Consider the advantages:

  • IBM Relationship. ClearObject and IBM Support have a close working relationship. IBM Support has full, secure access to logs needed to diagnose problems and have a full understanding of ClearObject’s deployment architecture for IBM tools. This relationship helps eliminate or answer. support questions quickly to get issues resolved faster.
  • Automated Updates. When new versions, upgrades, and patches are necessary, ClearObject automates updates to your IBM tools. The team has done hundreds of successful updates. Their experience and automation mean updates have fewer errors, are done faster, and provide consistency, security, and new features quickly.
  • Monitoring. ClearObject’s proactive approach to monitoring uses pattern recognition to identify issues before they become problems. The company looks beyond the servers and inside your products, along with those of other users, to improve knowledge and troubleshoot for their entire customer community.
  • Security. ClearObject’s single-tenant virtual cloud is private, protected by a VPN connection to monitor cloud and user activity
  • Commitment to Best Practices. ClearObject invests in automation, machine learning, and other features to improve your IBM tool suite. They support organizations across industries, allowing them to identify, implement, and share best practices widely.

Managed Services Focused on Customers

With ClearObject Managed Services, you have the benefit of an experienced managed services provider focused on delivering exceptional service to your organization.

ClearObject managed services support the cloud-based deployment of multiple legacy tools, including:

  • CLM tools: DNG, RQM, RTC, DCC, JRS, and LQE
  • CE tools: RELM, RMM, RPE, RD
  • ELM
  • DOORS (only through our managed services model)

Their services include:

  • Help-desk services focused on incident management and support ticket resolution
  • Administration change management, including account security configuration, group creation, and user changes
  • Automated application upgrades, maintenance, and patching
  • Two upgrades per product year and one iFix per product per month
  • Migration management to move production environments, including data transfer and custom template creation
  • Integration of client-side plugins
  • Third-party tool support
  • Continuous security monitoring 24/7/365
  • High availability rates with a minimum 99.9 percent service level agreement
  • Nightly backups, 7-recovery-point minimums, and 1 daily recovery point. More frequent recovery point options are available
  • Connectivity options including S2S, SSL VPN client, or public internet
  • Customizable product packages
  • Regular customer service reviews to ensure your goals are being met and revised as needed
  • Optional add-ons (at additional cost) including an extra test/QA environment, data imports during onboarding, and server-side plug-in integration

Learn more about ClearObject Managed Services and how they can give your engineering tools the accessible, available, secured, and supported environment needed for excellence, innovation, and transformation.

You can find ClearObject on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more.