Color’s Surprising Marketing Power

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Color’s Surprising Marketing Power

Color is something that is valued by everyone that can see it. It’s undeniable in the world of the arts, the practical world, and is even a fascinating scientific topic. One area where color’s value often goes unconsidered is within the field of marketing. Interestingly, color is actually the number one considered factor in marketing. Accounting for 62-90% of the decision to purchase.

How could this be? How could something as simple as the color of an object or marketed space be so important. First, think about buying a new home. The house with soft blue and tan walls is in clear contrast to the house with black and orange ones. Certain colors produce certain effects, and some of these effects are more situational.

Now think about the most prominent brands in the world. It’s no coincidence so many food brands are red, red leads to more conversion than any other color. It gets people buying unlike any other color. Green on the other hand is seen as a color of creativity. Its connections to nature and peace make it a great choice for any creative or more natural brands.

It can be a surprising thought, but there are thousands of people who just think about color. Marketers that want to create the perfect impression will move between effectively identical shades. The research shows that it matters though, at the end of the day that is all that matters. While color is rarely a cognitive influencer, it is most certainly a subconscious one.