Increasing Productivity with Time Tracking Technology

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Increasing Productivity with Time Tracking Technology

After the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees than ever are choosing to work from home. While many people enjoy this method of work, it can lead to feelings of burnout and disorganization due to the long hours spent in front of the computer. 

In fact, 75% of remote workers experience stress and burnout at work. Many report feeling a lack of direction by working from home, and this can lead to their attention being scattered. Distractions in the home can also take employees’ attention away from their work, and these factors together can lead to overall lower quality of work. Remote workers also report feeling more disorganized, and feel as though they struggle to get tasks completed each day as a result. 

As a way to resolve these issues, many companies are utilizing time tracking technology. Tracking employees’ time can allow them to understand more clearly how they are spending their time each day. This can help prioritize tasks and make clearer plans of how the work day should flow in order to maximize productivity. Managers can also view this information to understand what their employees are doing each day and understand their work processes better. 

Time tracking technology is helping remote workers remain productive even with a brand new way to run the work day. Learn more about these systems in the infographic below:

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