Easier Learning with Gateway Courses

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Easier Learning with Gateway Courses

Did you know that only 20% of students who do not complete math and English gateway courses graduate from community college on time? Gateway courses are the first college-level classes a student takes in a subject area, and they are very important in a students overall academic success. 

Some of the most important gateway courses are those in math and English. When community college students complete their courses, the chances that they complete their certifications and go on to a degree program increase over 20%. Even students with lower GPAs have a higher chance of success when placed into gateway courses. This is because these classes prepare students for the rest of the content they will cover while finishing their certificates or degrees.

Since gateway courses are so critical in college success, it is important to take the right ones. Depending on certificate or degree programs, it may make sense for students to take a more specialized gateway course. Speaking to advisors and guidance counselors can help find the best course for different students to ensure their success. 

When students’ success is prioritized, the chances of them completing their degrees increases substantially. One of the best ways to prioritize this success is by providing the necessary tools for students to find the best gateway courses for them and completing them earlier in their college careers.