The Need for Human Intervention in AI

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The Need for Human Intervention in AI

There is ongoing debate about whether AI can ever truly reach the level of human intelligence. Current AI technologies are not yet capable of passing as a real human in all contexts.

AI has been changing the year that everything operates on a day to day basis. It is used in a variety of applications across different industries such as healthcare, finance, marketing, etc. 

As it is shown below, AI is expected to change the lives of everyone in the next 3-5 years. AI is expected to change in different areas such as education, transportation, shopping, entertainment and safety.

One of the key roles of humans in working with AI is in the training and development of these systems. AI lacks inherent motives and requires human involvement,  so it is a human’s responsibility to guide and control its direction through curation.
Humans are needed with AI to provide the date and to oversee the learning process to guarantee that the AI is accurately learning.