Echo Dot Giveaway

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Echo Dot Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays Amazon is offering one of those once-a-season, I-can’t-believe-it bargains that only a huge company can afford to put out there for the general consumer. Smart consumers are going to want to take advantage of this deal asap, before stocks are completely depleted — because this is one of those too-good-to-be-true items that actually is TRUE.

When you go over to Amazon today and agree to sign up on the Google Unlimited Music plan, which is just $7.99 each month for members of Amazon Prime ($9.99 if you’re not a member) you can purchase an Amazon Dot Echo for under one dollar — for exactly 99 cents. Is this a real deal? When you consider that the Dot Echo normally retails for fifty dollars, the answer is obvious! It’s practically a giveaway.

This particular Dot Echo is third-generation technology, so it includes the Alexa support support system as well as the high definition speaker. It’s compatible with every smart home product as well; that way you can tell the Dot Echo to turn off lights, change the thermostat, and bring up any kind of music you have recorded.

This is Amazon’s big push to penetrate the smart home consumer base in a big way. So chances are there will be other similar bargains coming down the pike, for consumers who keep their eyes wide open.