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Hello Mobile Coverage

Hello Mobile Coverage Map

You can view Hello Mobile’s coverage map directly on their site. They provide extensive coverage throughout the United States and Australia with a few exceptions. In the United States, Hello Mobile offers coverage throughout almost the entire east coast and the east side of the middle of the country. They also cover a large chunk of the highly populated areas on the west coast. However, you might find a lack of service in the middle northwestern states.

Their network throughout Australia provides a high level of coverage as the Vodafone network remains the third largest network in Australia. So, most major areas offer great coverage. However, their service lacks in the less populated areas of Australia such as in and around the Outback. For most people, Hello Mobile provides a great service area almost anywhere you go.

Hello Mobile Plans

The plans offered by Hello Mobile revolve around simplicity. They only offer three prepaid phone plans and three pay as you go plans. In the United States, their prepaid plans start at $10 per month and go up to $25 per month. The $10 plan offers unlimited nationwide talk and text with 1 GB of data available. With the $17.50 plan, you get 3 GB of data and with the $25 plan, you get unlimited data. Whichever plan you choose does not impact the service quality as they all use the same network, so only make your decision based on the amount of data you use.

In Australia, they still offer only three prepaid plans, but the pricing structure changes. Australian plans range from $19 per month up to $35 per month. With the $19 plan, you get unlimited nationwide talk and text with 2 GB of data. The $29 plan comes with 5 GB of data and the $35 plan comes with 10 GB of data. Hello Mobile does not offer an unlimited data plan in Australia.

They also offer special pay as you go plans as one of the most inexpensive phone plan options. Their pay as you go plans are based on the amount of time you have to use the data. In Australia, they offer two $10 plans. One allows up to 200 MB of data over the course of 90 days with SMS and voice charged based on use. The other allows up to 1 GB of data over the course of 30 days with SMS and voice charged

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