How Home Automation Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

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How Home Automation Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

What Is Home Automation?
Home automation is often also referred to as domotics. This is the process of building animation for a home. The end result is a smart home. The home automation systems core job is to monitor and operate the homes attributes which include lighting, entertainment systems, appliances and climate within the smart house. In some cases a home security system or a home alarm system can also be programmed into the home automation system.

Benefits Of Home Automation?
Smart home automation is highly beneficial because it helps to reduce the daily stress of operating your home. While away at work or for leisure, you will not need to worry about the lights in your house or wasting energy. You will not have to try to recall if you left a light on or if you forgot to turn off the coffee maker. If the temperature greatly fluctuates; you can easily change the climate in your home so that it will turn on prior to your arrival and you will have a comfortable home to welcome you. One benefit of home automation is that it can improve the efficiency of your home and your overall Connecticut light and power monthly bill. By monitoring your energy usage the home automation system will not run pointlessly. Another added benefit to a home automation system is the security in knowing your house is being monitored even while you are away. When you combine technology that can randomly turn on a television or lights while your home security system is monitoring the perimeter you will create the illusion that you are home even when you are not. While these pre-set tasks are running in your absence, the climate feature is focusing on energy saving strategies in regards to your gas and electricity usage.

Smart Home Products That Can Improve Your Quality Of Life
There are many products that can incorporated into smart home technology that will ultimately improve your quality of life. Many people only consider a home security system and a climate system when it comes to home automation but advances in technology has created white a variety of feature within your home that can be controlled remotely.
Home automated features include:

  • Automatic blinds
  • Automatic door locks
  • Automatic lights
  • Automatic appliances such as coffee makers or robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Automatic heating and cooling
  • Automatic security systems
  • Automatic watering systems for your yard
  • Automatic carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Automatic outlets
  • Voice devices

Alexa and google voice are most commonly found in most houses today. They can serve more purposes than just asking questions, looking up recipes or playing music. These devices can also be used to create shopping lists and when linked to other smart devices, they can be accessed remotely from your Bluetooth while you are driving. You can have your automated lights in your home turned on for your arrival and your heating and cooling systems can be activated from your Bluetooth as well. There are also apps that you can download on your smart device that will allow you to fully operate all automated systems within your house in the event that you do not have a vehicle compatible with voice commands through Alexa and Google.  

Some of these may seem a little over the top but all of these automated features serve a greater purpose. Aside from light and climate control you can have your coffee ready for you when you wake up, your floors vacuumed while you are away and monitor the working order of your carbon monoxide detectors. Smart sockets also allow you to turn off electric to a certain socket if you have children that should be sleeping rather then plugging into technology and staying awake. All of these home automated features will help you live a more simplistic lifestyle while ultimately saving you time and money.