How to Boost your Company’s Image with a Remarkable Explainer Video

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How to Boost your Company’s Image with a Remarkable Explainer Video


When people search up a query on the Internet regarding a specific product or service, they do it keeping a single factor in mind: they are searching up a solution that addresses their respective problem. 

Today, the world of the Internet has expanded to new horizons. It has become an excellent platform which connects businesses with potential clients. However, what is the best way brands leverage to convince a client that their particular product/service can help them in the most commendable way? 

The answer is an explainer video. 

What is an explainer video… 

To begin with, an explainer video is a short recording explaining how a certain product/service associated with a brand works. It leverages a number of factors such as the power of storytelling, a well written script, a convincing pitch, and a mix of interesting audio/video elements making the audience learn about the product effectively. Are you done testing the waters with different marketing plans yet none of them worked as effectively as of yet? How about you you make a video and get the most out of it?

But here’s the big question… 

Why does your business need an explainer video? 

Humans are inclined to learning quickly through visual representation, precisely in a video format. Videos grasp the attention of the audience effectively. If the thought of advertising your product/service using an explainer video explainer has passed your mind and you have come to a crossroad, then don’t worry. 

Not so sure, why your brand may need an explainer video? 

Do you know that almost 90% of the ad budgets go to video marketing and a great chunk of it goes to explainer videos? If your company’s top priority isn’t a video-based campaign to attract more traffic, and if you still do not give it a shot with solid statistics circulating the market, then you’re losing out on potential leads. Without adding an explainer video to your marketing campaign, you can experience a solid setback. 

But how does it work?

From moving text, and still images, and animations, to any form of content that describes your business, an explainer video has it all in a packet. Not only this, but it also helps improve your:

        Brand awareness 

        Online presence 

        Social media engagement 

Explainer videos target larger audiences, explain and simplify your product for a better understanding of prospects, and maintain a healthy relationship with them in the interim. So, here are seven good reasons to get your message across in visual format immediately.

  1. Presentation

A good explainer video is the perfect representation of your brand. Although it educates your target audience on the value your product/service brings to the table, it still becomes a presentative face of who you are as a business. It’s one of the reasons why video marketing is proven to be 43% more persuasive than any other marketing strategy. 

  1. Retains Attention Span

According to a study, an average person is expected to withhold up to 50% more information if he has learned it through visual cues. An explainer video helps educate your target audience more effectively than any other piece of published content on the Internet. As per another survey, an explainer video retains a viewer’s attention for up to 70% of its duration. 

  1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in making explainer videos brings a higher ROI and becomes a long-term investment. Whether you’ve just launched a start-up or your product has stepped ahead of the competition, an explainer video is an essential component of your marketing strategy. After all, it explains how your product/service works by the end of the day and an informed buyer will always talk about your brand with others. 

  1. Increased Conversion Rate

Today, 70% of the world’s population search up queries on the Internet. If you’ve marketed your product professionally using an explainer video, people will more likely show an inclination towards purchasing your product. The more they feel inclined, the better becomes your conversion rate. And before you know, people will start pouring in to check in what you’re offering. An explainer video can do wonders in no time.  

  1. Prolongs a User’s Stay on Your Business

When an average person visits your social media pages or website, he spends around 10 – 20 seconds thereon. This period is either make or break; it depends on how well you’ve crafted your pitch.

If they have no reason to stay, they’ll leave. Could you give them a reason to browse more, and make them want more from your product?

Remember, how I told you about visuals grabbing the average person’s attention? 

You can prolong your audience stay by uploading a well-designed explainer video. This way, you can stretch that time to 60 seconds and make a sale, which is the goal at the end of the day.  

  1. Help Make Connections

Videos get more shares than long-form pieces of text. What could be easier than merely hitting the share button? No tagging, no downloading, no nothing! Your target audience grows, which snowballs the probability of landing more lead.

  1. Videos are SEO Friendly

As for Google, it evaluates the average time a user spends on your social media or website in every visit and ranks it accordingly. Having an explainer video embedded on your website or social media pages can prolong that period. Google algorithms sense this, then rank you higher, and better in searches. Thereby your chances to show up first in the search results are increased by 53 folds. 

To Summarize it All! 

If doubts are still clouding your judgment about adding an explainer video to your marketing strategy, then revise the stats to clear things up. Here are some hard ground facts for you. 

Remember, 82% of traffic on the internet comes through videos. 

Recall that video downloads are most probably using 90% of the bandwidth in 2020. 

So now what have you decided? If you’ve decided to take things a step ahead and create an animated explainer video, you can search for the best video production company online. Call to mind; we discussed how such videos lend a helping hand in making a decision. It’s your call now. 

Also, what’s your takeaway? Did this post address your doubts on the significance of having an explainer video for a best-selling business? Let us know in the comments.