Microlearning: Innovation in Motion

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Microlearning: Innovation in Motion

How do we prepare employees for new tasks and demanding jobs?  Traditional workplace training, if it is offered at all, often involves a day of in-person training, where new employees are inundated with information.  Unfortunately, this type of training is ineffective and costly, leaving employees no better off than beforehand.  In fact, 74% of workers feel that they are not reaching their full potential due to a lack of learning opportunities.

Microlearning is a method that can combat the flaws of traditional workplace training. It involves digitizing learning opportunities into education nuggets that workers can access on their phones throughout the day.  This is more accessible and allows for continuous learning over the course of many weeks.

So far, microlearning has proven to be effective.  It fosters collaboration, social learning, and engagement, which helps build community in addition to general educational benefits.  Microlearning also ensures that workers retain and apply their new knowledge, which they can then use to achieve their desired outcome. 

Arist Microlearning is one organization championing microlearning and has collaborated with 15% of Fortune 500 companies.  As the workforce changes and adapts to technology, it is important that training methods change as well, and microlearning is one example of innovation in motion.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
Source: Arist